Youngsters’s Day guarantees to spice up gross sales of micro and small firms

Youngsters’s Day guarantees to spice up gross sales of micro and small firms

Small business owners who want to profit from Children’s Day on October 12th need to be prepared if they want to achieve good results. Like other commemorative dates, the celebration can help to promote the company, retain customers, rotate stock, carry out promotions and attract new customers. Even if the project is not specifically aimed at children, it is possible to seize the moment.

The Competitiveness analyst at Sebrae Nacional Patrícia Mayana highlights that the entrepreneur must seek to connect with customers. “In addition to the most obvious impact segments on Children’s Day, such as toys and clothes, there are activities that can be done with little ones to make the day, and the week, more memorable. Recent research shows that consumers value connection and therefore it is a great time for families to dedicate themselves to children.”

According to the National Confederation of Commerce, Goods and Services (CNC), the commemorative date is considered the third most important for Brazilian retail, behind only Christmas and Mother’s Day. Last year alone, it is estimated that almost R$ 400 million were moved in e-commerce. The branches that stand out in terms of sales are electronics, toys, apparel and footwear.

The specialist at Sebrae Nacional also recommends that small business owners pay attention to the advertising rules for children, which are regulated by Brazilian legislation and have restrictions, as well as the retail obligations in the commercialization of toys. In the case of advertising, it is not recommended to use images of children in a situation of vulnerability or language with an imperative tone that appeals to consumption, as well as encouraging conflicts or disharmonious relationships between people, for example.

“In addition to making available to the final consumer only products certified and registered with Inmetro, commerce in physical or virtual establishments must maintain the integrity of the product, its mandatory markings, instructions for use, warnings, recommendations and packaging, preserving compliance with the requirements of the regulation. for toys”, explains Mayana.

Sebrae has prepared some tips to help entrepreneurs differentiate themselves in the market and plan better. Follow:

1. Delight the little ones

Some activities that can be carried out in physical stores with the opportunity to promote experiences for customers, engage and strengthen the relationship with the brand: storytelling; puppet theater; workshops for the production of drawings, paintings and toys from used objects. A themed, colorful and fun showcase can also attract the eyes of children and those in charge, as well as a more neat packaging, with a gift of goodies, demonstrating that your business pays attention to the customer.

Service companies such as schools, beauty salons, pediatricians’ offices and dentists can send a digital card to their customers and make a special decoration.

2. Explore activities that encourage people to connect

Companies and professionals who work with theater and animation, for example, can promote plays and musicals; itinerant activities such as magic shows, games with children in group meetings. Restaurants can carry out promotional actions such as discounts on children’s dishes and activities in the toy libraries; gyms that have children’s sports can promote special recreational activities throughout the week; PET stores can carry out actions for the little ones who have a pet or actions to encourage the adoption of animals, attracting flow.

3. Plan social actions

Companies engaged in social actions receive admiration from customers, considering the importance that consumers have given to issues of social and environmental responsibility. A good idea is to carry out actions such as collecting toys and clothes; donation for each sale made reverted to a day care center of your choice and trust. With this, in addition to helping institutions, the entrepreneur can attract the attention of clients who are engaged in social assistance.

4. Organize your stock and plan your logistics carefully

Don’t waste time and get ahead so you don’t miss this opportunity. The entrepreneur will need to get in touch with his suppliers and, often, this supplier is also his competitor. So, write down everything you think will sell more and do some market research to get up to date on kids’ preferences to increase your stock of those items. Also remember that every commemorative date is accompanied by an increase in sales, which requires greater preparation for the separation and shipping of products. Therefore, make it clear on your website what your store’s delivery times are and what shipping options are available to customers.

5. Make payment easy with a variety of options

It is essential that your company offers a variety of payment methods, such as credit, debit, boleto or PIX cards. Some businesses choose to offer payment with digital wallets, such as Ame Digital or PicPay. If the entrepreneur also works with sales on digital platforms, Sebrae offers specialized content on the subject. Click here and access the Sebrae Portal.

Source: Agência Sebrae

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