With wager on WhatsApp, RD Station declares sources for SMEs

With wager on WhatsApp, RD Station declares sources for SMEs

Company announced launches and official partnership with Meta during the RD Summit, an innovation event in Florianópolis

THE RD Stationa marketing automation company, has already crossed the borders of conversational commerce for a while. The term basically describes a way of doing business that involves communication and messaging in the process of interaction between consumers and brands.

The company’s most recent bet on this front has a well-defined name and valuation. This is Tallos, a startup from Ceará acquired by RD in 2022 for R$ 6.7 million.

The objective in bringing together a company dedicated to the management of corporate conversations that take place through messages was clear: to follow the imminent trend in the universe of digital marketing that favors companies with robust verticals of service, sales and customer portfolio management with some simple button presses — or robots that automate the whole thing, called chatbots.

Now, the company announces a new step in its foray into the world of messaging with the launch of new Whatsapp for a portfolio that exceeds 45 thousand customers.

What is RD Station releasing?

The company officially launched on Wednesday, the 26th, two new messaging and digital marketing integration features.

An integration with Facebook and Instagram ads

In practice, the tool will allow customers who click on an advertisement on these social networks to be directed to a WhatsApp conversation with the company, which now has a new channel for sending coupons, notifications, links and other strategic communications.

RD Station Marketing

Adds WhatsApp as a communication channel within RD Station’s CRM (acronym for customer relationship management) platform. The focus, in this case, is on companies that use WhatsApp Business to manage their communications.

This last resource seeks to assess the efficiency of the channel through indicators such as deliveries and openings. The intention is also to facilitate the day-to-day of companies that deal with a large volume of messages, often answered by numerous sellers in their personal accounts.

Until now, RD has allowed client companies to insert a button on their websites that leads to direct conversations on WhatsApp.

The news was announced during the RD Summit, RD Station’s innovation event that takes place in Florianópolis between October 26th and 28th.

“We, the companies, are no longer the ones who choose the channel through which we are going to reach buyers. The choice is up to the customers. If we don’t adapt to that, we’re going to be left behind,” said Eric Santos, CEO of RD Station, during the keynote speech at the conference.

Partnership with Meta

During the event, RD Station also announced an official partnership with Meta (formerly Facebook), the company that owns WhatsApp, to bring the solutions to small and medium-sized companies in Brazil.

The intention is to guide small businesses that are still incipient on WhatsApp, or that use the platform inappropriately, without any professionalization. “Together with Meta, we will help companies show how to correctly use WhatsApp as a customer communication tool,” said the CEO.

On the other hand, by becoming an official partner of Meta in Brazil, RD also intends to bring the company closer to small businesses, a niche with a lot of potential – in Meta’s calculations, at least 5 million SMEs use WhatsApp Business in Brazil.

What else does RD Station say

Santos also presented a timeline with the main cuts and focuses given to the last editions of the event, from a distant time when the RD Summit took place in a small room for 200 people.

Over the years, the company has extended explanations of more basic concepts of marketing (and digital marketing) to deeper lessons on how companies could actually structure a growth engine that, by using marketing and sales as a facilitator to extrapolate acquisition of customers and also start to consider the purchase journey at all stages.

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