With R$ 1 billion, Sebrae and Finep will help small enterprise innovation tasks;  perceive

With R$ 1 billion, Sebrae and Finep will help small enterprise innovation tasks; perceive

Companies with revenues of up to BRL 4.8 million per year can apply for funds for their innovation projects

O Sebrae and the Financier of Studies and Projects (Finep), an agency linked to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI), signed a partnership to support micro and small companies in Brazil. Together, the institutions will provide R$ 1 billion to finance projects related to innovation.

In the crosshairs are small traditional companies or technology-based startups.

The initiative, called Finep-Sebrae Innovation Credit🇧🇷 aims to reach up to 6,000 small businesses with lines of credit of, on average, R$ 150 thousand. These companies will receive, in addition to the credit, a consultancy from Sebrae to assist in the management of financing and correct use of resources.

“In addition to the more advantageous conditions for taking out credit, Sebrae has been providing free consultancy that helps small business owners register the project with Finep, in accordance with the necessary specifications and also based on the expectations of the accredited financial agent. It is a great opportunity for the entrepreneur”, said the Innovation analyst at Sebrae Nacional Thiago Soares.

Who can get resources

Micro and small companies can apply for credit with revenues of up to R$ 4.8 million per year. Individual microentrepreneurs (MEI) are not eligible for this initiative.

Innovation projects will consider any type of initiative that brings market differentiation, be it a new product or not. “It doesn’t have to be a market innovation with the launch of something that doesn’t exist yet. If innovation already exists in the market, but is applicable to small businesses, becoming a competitive differential, that is enough”, explains Soares.

Therefore, the resources can be used for expenses related to different operational areas of the company, from the acquisition of machinery and technology equipment to the acquisition of inputs for the manufacture of new products — and even the payment of specialized labor, such as employees technology and programming, for example.

What are the financing lines

Different lines of credit must suit entrepreneurs in the finance program. Are they:

  • Inovacred
  • Inovacred Express
  • Inovacred Conecta,
  • Inovacred 4.0
  • Inovacred Telecom.

Interest rates vary from 4.2% to 4.5% per year, plus the reference rate. The repayment term ranges from 48 to 132 months, while the grace period can range from 12 to 24 months.

How to claim resources

To access credit for innovation, entrepreneurs must fill out an interest form on the “Crédito para Inovar” page available on the link🇧🇷 After that, more specific information will be requested about the need for credit, company conditions, among other data.

Information such as the company’s time in the market and innovation history will not be exclusive criteria, according to Sebrae. If the proposal meets the eligibility criteria, the entrepreneur will be contacted by one of Sebrae’s consultants.

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