With clothes, accessories and gadgets, the luxury pet market grows in Brazil

With clothes, accessories and gadgets, the luxury pet market grows in Brazil

With a rise in the trend of releases for pets, brands such as Moschino, Louis Vuitton, Zara and Tok&Stok expand their portfolios to the four-legged audience

Moschino, Louis Vuitton and Zara are some of the brands that, in addition to the wardrobe, also launch items for pets with clothes, fanny packs, collars and travel bags. With a rise in the trend of launches for pets, national brands, such as Tok&Stok also expand their portfolios to the four-legged audience.

Considered family members, pets gained spaces inside the houses. Among the trends detected by Pinterest in Brazil, one of the decoration segments that is growing this year is architecture for pets. According to the social network, searches like “Gatified house” and “Cat house design” grew four times, “Luxury room for cats”, grew three times and “Luxury room for dogs” increased by 115% this year.

As a result, objects such as beds, feeders and toys gained clothes that adorn the environments. At Tok&Stok, for example, there are collections for animals with the same finishes, materials and colors as home decor items.

Last year, the domestic pet market recorded a 27% growth in revenue, compared to the previous year, and ended the year with a total of 51.7 billion reais according to data from the Pet Brasil Institute released in March.

In fashion, the Brazilian bridal dress brand Atelieria Bridal & Wedding, just over a year ago decided to invest in accessories for pets, which usually participate in ceremonies.

The brand’s sisters and founders, fashion designers Karen and Xu Tognato, comment that it is quite common for mascots to enter the altar. “They are treated like family members, practically four-legged children. So, at the request of a bride, we hand-customized an off-white leather collar with pure silk flowers and embroidered lace to match the dress,” comment the stylists.

More and more animals are also chosen to carry the rings to the altar. “Accessories and pet outfits are custom-made, as are bridal dresses. In this way, we were able to adapt the bride’s profile with the pet accessory and also with the dress for the big day, such as colors, themes or different seams”, say the sisters.

In Spain’s Zara, waterproof and padded coats and fanny packs are some of the items available for pets that decorate their owners’ clothes. Prices are similar, while for pets a coat costs 229 reais, for humans the same piece starts at 339 reais.

However, you can spend even more on pet accessories. Among the items from brands such as Louis Vuitton, there is a leather collar with the brand’s logo for 1,760 reais and a dog transport bag for 19,300 reais.

Late last year, Moschino also introduced its first line for pets, with 14 outfits including a leather jacket for $605, hoodies for $165 and collars starting at $260.

In addition to clothing and home accessories, technological items for animals are also on the market. Companies like Sure PetCare develop gadgets to understand pet behavior, like Animo, a lifelong behavior monitor and activity tracker for dogs. The device, when applied to the animal’s collar, analyzes the dog’s movement data 24 hours a day, in order to provide personalized information such as caloric burn, sleep quality, increase in barking and itching.

Another brand item is the SureFeed Connect, a feeder with integrated scales that store data to assist in weight monitoring.

Anyone who thinks that millennials and Z generations are among those who most seek objects for pets is wrong, as baby boomers, aged 57 and 75, consume the products the most.

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