WhatsApp launches package for SMEs to sell more through the app

WhatsApp launches package for SMEs to sell more through the app

Most used messaging app in Brazil will simplify API configuration and allow the same phone number to be used by more than one cell phone when interacting with customers

the use of Whatsapp as a channel sales for small business will stay easier from now on.

The messaging app Goal (ex-Facebook) announces a new way of connecting to the systems of companies interested in selling products or services there.

In programming parlance, the connection between software from two or more companies occurs via APIsan acronym for programming interfaces capable of making software ‘talk’ to another.

Until now, companies interested in connecting their software to WhatsApp, in order to interact with customers there, needed to start this type of integration practically from scratch.

It was a work that was sometimes time-consuming and depended on the assistance of technology companies dedicated to APIs, and partners of Meta, such as the mining company Take Blip.

What changes on WhatsApp

This is because the joining of these systems, for example, depended on the configuration of the interested company’s servers with Meta’s and partners’ datacenters.

From now on, those interested in selling via WhatsApp will be able to configure the APIs directly on Meta’s servers in the cloud.

The novelty can avoid eventual displacements to perform this type of service in the environment where the company’s server is.

How the lives of entrepreneurs change

In parallel, the WhatsApp website for companies will have a series of contents to make life easier for users. entrepreneurs — and programmers hired by SMEs — when connecting the companies’ systems to Meta’s.

On another front to become a sales channel for emerging companies, Meta will create a personalized link to the company’s WhatsApp. The function: to allow the business to disclose a company address without the need for the customer to memorize the company’s phone number.

In addition, the same business phone number connected to WhatsApp can be used for up to ten cell phones.

“It will be easier for any company with a customer service team, such as a call center, for example, to talk to their audiences via WhatsApp”, he says. Matt Idemavice president of Meta.

Who is involved in the ad

Raised to the post in 2017, Idema has the function of, among other things, improving the experience of companies in the commercial use of the app.

In Brazil, WhatsApp won a head in February: William Hornan executive with 30 years of experience in the areas of innovation and strategy in large companies such as BV and Banco do Brasil banks and Accenture consultancy.

In addition, Horn was one of the founders of the digital investment platform Órama, sold to Bradesco in 2008. Brazil is the second WhatsApp market to have a CEO with Horn’s responsibilities — the first being India.

The news is being announced this Thursday by Mark Zuckerbergfounder of Meta.

“In just a few minutes, any business or developer can easily access our service, operate directly on WhatsApp to customize their experience, and accelerate customer response time using our secure WhatsApp Cloud API hosted by Meta,” said Zuckerberg in the first issue of Conversations. , a virtual conference dedicated to attracting companies to the Meta ecosystem.

“This is an important step towards helping more businesses connect with people and helping more people message businesses – big and small.”

The size of the WhatsApp market

The numbers achieved so far on the WhatsApp business front give a dimension of the opportunity ahead of the company.

Currently, 175 million people exchange messages every day with a WhatsApp Business account, as the app’s business unit is called. Every week, there are more than 1 billion people connected.

Every month, more than 40 million people access virtual business catalogs. Brazil accounts for just over 25% of this flow.

Around here, there are 5 million accounts WhatsApp Business. In the pandemic, that number more than doubled – and Brazilians are apparently enjoying it all.

According to Meta data, 2 out of 3 Brazilians prefer to interact with companies through messaging services such as WhatsApp rather than calling 0800 numbers, sending emails to companies and so on.

What has already changed in the app

As a result, the list of those who already adopt WhatsApp Business in Brazil also includes large companies such as retailers C&A, Magalu, Renner, e-commerce stars such as iFood, PicPay and Quinto Andar, in addition to most financial institutions.

This Thursday’s news is another bet by Meta on the commercial facet of WhatsApp.

In 2020, the commercial version of the app gained a function called Cart for customers to send orders to companies with extensive virtual catalogs, such as restaurants or clothing stores.

Last year, the company announced a nearby business search function, a service that bears some resemblance to that offered by Google Maps. The tool is in the pilot phase in the city of São Paulo.

The following month, WhatsApp announced the Collections tool to allow catalog products to be separated into categories to facilitate in-app purchases.

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