What is Vape?  Understand the harms of using e-cigarettes

What is Vape? Understand the harms of using e-cigarettes

Like conventional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are also bad for your health.

The negative effects of electronic cigarettes are highly known by the medical community. In addition to contributing to the development of different types of cancer, smoking is also associated with chronic diseases and illnesses in the human body.

With different essences and with an idea of ​​being more harmless than traditional tobacco, electronic cigarettes have become popular mainly among young people. Excessive consumption can cause consequences as serious as the common cigarette, but many are still unaware of such harm.

What is an electronic cigarette?

Also known as a vape, smok, jull, or simply “pen” because of its shape, it is a battery-powered device in which a concentrated nicotine liquid is placed, which is heated and inhaled by the user. This liquid, in addition to nicotine, also has solvent products such as water, propylene glycol, glycerin and flavorings to add flavor.

What are the harms of electronic cigarettes?

Just like the conventional cigarette, the electronic cigarette is bad for health mainly due to the release of nicotine. This substance, also present in traditional cigarettes, has a greater power of addiction, that is, when inhaled, it causes dependence like other types of drugs.

The feeling of pleasure aroused by the use of cigarettes in a context of relaxation will make it difficult to give up the habit. Every time the user inhales the substance, the brain’s reward circuit is triggered. This reward releases dopamine (pleasure hormone).

Why was it banned by Anvisa?

Issued in 2009, the ban is due to the fact that the agency does not have scientific data to prove the efficacy and safety of using electronic cigarettes. This ban is only for the sale, import and advertising of the device.

Anvisa released a new report this Wednesday, 6, reiterating the ban on the sale of the product:

Note from Anvisa:

“The approved technical report indicates the need to maintain the ban on electronic devices for smoking, which includes all types of electronic cigarettes, and the adoption of additional measures to curb the irregular trade of these products, such as increased enforcement actions. and carrying out educational campaigns.”

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