Volkswagen launches truck subscription program

Volkswagen launches truck subscription program

Service will have packages up to R$15,999 per month and contracts can be 36 or 60 months long.

THE Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus and Volkswagen Financial Services (VWFS) launched this Thursday, 25th, the subscription service in trucksO VW Truck Rental. According to the companies, this is the first business model offered by an automaker in the country.

“It is a subscription program for truck rental, something that already happens with cars, which will facilitate fleet management”, said the CEO of Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus, Roberto Cortes.

The service will be offered in the 150 stores of the network of authorized dealerships.

The signature of the automaker, one of the leaders in truck sales in Brazil, starts operations with the offer of six models.

The Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Services at Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus, Ricardo Alouche, said the new subscription service should attract all types of customers. “The self-employed will be interested in the service, as will the small business owner. Today, we are starting a journey that is naturally aimed at small, medium and large companies, but the program was born to serve self-employed and entrepreneurs ”, he said at a press conference.

According to the executive, the pilot program starts with 100 units. “But there is no limit to the capacity of service”, he pondered.

The CEO of VWFS, Rodrigo Capuruço, said that the program’s differential is the offer of a basic package with insurance and technologies such as telemetry, which is not so usual in the outsourcing market. “The (truck leasing) business is booming, this market is under development, but we have a clear vision of a value proposition.”

Roberto Cortes, in turn, clarified that one of the problems for fleet renewal by the autonomous is the granting of credit. “Renting will fit some clients depending on the business, we undoubtedly see this market as a trend that is here to stay.”

He added that the option for subscription or purchase will depend on macroeconomic conditions. “Subscription becomes more interesting depending on the cost of rent and capital.”

How much does a Volkswagen truck subscription cost?

O subscription service will have packages from BRL 3,679 up to BRL 15,999 per monththe companies said on Thursday.

The contracts can be for 36 or 60 months (with deductible) and cover documentation, IPVA, licensing, maintenance, insurance, implement (can be trunk or dry load), in addition to services such as telemetry.

“The product is already born with an insurance offer, we also eliminate the need for the customer to sell the vehicle, we are going to maximize the residual value of the vehicle”, said Capuruço.

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