Vivo and Ânima create training three way partnership

Vivo and Ânima create training three way partnership

Operator and educational group create digital platform for free courses.

The operator Vivo and Ânima Educação, one of the largest private educational groups in the country, completed the creation of Vivae, an education joint venture.

The start of the operation is scheduled for the second half of this year. In it, the strategy is aimed at free training courses, with a focus on continuing education and employability.

At first, courses will be offered in areas such as technology, management, business and tourism, with current content that adheres to the demand of the job market, through a digital education platform.

The objective, according to the companies, is to leverage the job market and help improve the living conditions of students, also offering the search for vacancies in partner companies.

Vivae has already begun to be professionally formed with the arrival of Alexandre Max, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Lucas Nabeiro, Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Max spent eight years at Pearson, where he joined as head of marketing and left as vice president of online learning services, working in the United States. He also has stints at Kimberly-Clark as a brand manager, McDonald’s as a marketing manager and Dell as a product line manager.

Nabeiro spent four years at Yalo as CFO and co-founded GetCook, a platform that unites food professionals with consumers.

“We are focused on supporting young people who want to grow and seek qualification in different areas, based on new education formats. On Vivae’s platform, students will have access to quality content at an affordable price, in addition to being able to manage their learning in a personalized way at any time during their training”, explains Max.

Trademark of Telefônica Brasil, Vivo operates in the provision of fixed and mobile telecommunications services throughout the national territory.

With revenues of R$ 44 billion, the company has 99 million accesses on the mobile network and is the leader in telecommunications in the country. The brand is present in 4,900 cities with 3G network, more than 4,400 with 4G and 2,900 cities with 4.5G.

Created in 2003, Ânima Educação is present in 12 states, being the fourth largest private educational organization in the country in terms of number of students and the third in net revenue.

The company is made up of a learning community of around 350,000 people, made up of more than 330,000 students and 18,000 educators, distributed across 16 higher education institutions.

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