Uncover franchise networks that give reductions to multi-franchisees

Uncover franchise networks that give reductions to multi-franchisees

A recent survey released by the Brazilian Franchising Association (ABF) shows that 82.9% of deductibles in Brazil have multi-franchisees, franchisees who own more than one store of the same brand. Such entrepreneurs are key pieces in the franchisors’ strategic plan, as they have the ease of having someone who already knows the brand.

To encourage franchisees to have more than one unit, the chains offer some financial facilities, such as the installment of the franchise fee and equipment, in addition to partnerships with banking institutions that grant differentiated conditions.

An example is the Pizza Prime, a Brazilian chain of pizzerias with more than 70 units distributed in 10 states of the country. With a team of multi-franchisees that corresponds to 85% of the network’s entrepreneurs, the brand expects to reach 100 stores by the end of 2022. To encourage them, the franchisor offers 30% off the franchise fee when purchasing the second store and 50% off the third. In addition, from the second unit onwards, there is a three-month exemption from royalties and recycling in training with the implementation team.

In the health and wellness segment, the slimminga reference in the areas of slimming and body aesthetics, offers franchise fee waiver. Today, 35% of the network is made up of multi-franchisees. There are currently 315 operations in Brazil and three in the United States under the Best Shape banner.

Franchise fee installment with its own invoicing is the benefit offered by CleanNew, a network specialized in cleaning and shielding upholstery, for multi-franchisees. Currently, of the total number of franchisees, 38% own more than one operation. In all, the network, which aims to be on all continents, has 40 units in Brazil and abroad, and is present in countries such as the United States, Argentina, Colombia, Spain and Dubai.

Already The Cake Housewhich has more than 400 units across the country, has a franchise model that was specially developed for multi-franchisees: the Express. With an initial investment from R$ 67 thousand, with a franchise fee and implementation, it can be installed in a minimum area of ​​20m², in addition to having an easy condition in the payment of the franchise fee, being an entry value and the rest in up to six times.

With 124 units distributed throughout the country, the Easy Quotathe largest consortium and insurance network in Brazil, provides franchisees with a 50% discount on franchise fee in the acquisition of the second unit. The brand has 12 multi-franchisees in its group of entrepreneurs.

Operating in the field of payroll loans and financing, the EasyCred has the benefit 50% off franchise fee for franchisees who wish to have more than one brand unit. The business model with this condition is that of a store, with an initial value of R$38 thousand. Currently, the network has 700 units in operation spread across all states of Brazil.

THE My Quitandinha, a network of independent mini-markets with an initial investment from R$42 thousand, has 100 franchisees and 115 stores open throughout the national territory. With the intention of reaching 150 units by December, the company promotes a special action for those who are already franchisees and want to expand their presence in the market: the additional fee per new store, which is currently R$6 thousand, becomes free in August and September.

THE Angels Mattresses & Sofas, which specializes in mattresses and upholstery, has a solid base of multi-franchisees: more than 52% of them invest again in the brand, which today has 270 stores in 21 Brazilian states. The initial investment is R$400 thousand, and those who are already franchisees have preference in acquisition of new stores, in addition to the franchise fee bonus for new operations.

With the proposal to make life easier for those who already walk side by side with the network, the More1 Coffee, the largest chain of specialty coffee shops with digital service, works with three elements to encourage an increase in units. In addition to the reduction by 30% of the franchise fee amountthe franchisee has strategic and territorial planning for the opening of the new store and specific training for the multi-management of commercial points.

Leader in the dental clinics segment, DentalCompanya network for over 30 years in the market, offers the multi-franchisee a exclusive team working in commercial, financial and personal management. In addition, the network provides total organization for sustainable growth. OdontoCompany already has more than 2 thousand units sold, 40% of which are in the hands of franchisees who have more than one operation.

At Doctor Sofa, a chain specializing in upholstery cleaning, almost 50% of franchisees have more than one unit. The network offers 20% off royalties and ease of payment of the franchise fee, in addition to the advantages that the business model itself offers to franchisees who have units in several regions, such as reduced costs with the sales team and other operational facilities.

THE patron, a chain of food franchises, launched a project for multi-franchisees in 2022. The franchisees of the chain that open more units of the brand this year are franchise fee exempt and will pay royalties of 3%. There are currently 245 units across the country, 10% of which are multi-franchise.

The net Glasses Market offers up 30% off franchise fee or in its installment. In addition, the brand has the Mentors program, a specific training for multifranchisees, which involves implementation consulting, multiple store management, among other guidelines. Currently, the franchise has more than 600 units, 50% of which are multi-franchise.

THE Beauty Emporiuma 6 in 1 network that offers advanced aesthetics and weight loss services 10% off franchise fee for multi-franchisees, installment of equipment in up to 10 interest-free installments on the credit card, specific training for this type of franchisee, offer of an e-commerce and professional cabin line, standard equipment and nutri and dermocosmetics. Currently, the franchise has more than 100 units, 30% of which are multi-franchisees.

THE Juices S/Aa healthy food chain that offers a variety of juices, salads, açaí, natural sandwiches and tapioca, 10% off franchise fee for multi-franchisees. Currently, the franchise has 15 units, 20% of which are multi-franchise.

THE Tourism Clubtourism microfranchise, offers multi-franchisees installment of the membership feein 10 times, as well as exemption from the Advertising Fund fee (FP) in the first 6 months.

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