Tremendous Logic, Cyrela and Intelbras staff as much as create Gruv

Tremendous Logic, Cyrela and Intelbras staff as much as create Gruv

In 2019, when the American private equity manager Warburg Pincus invested BRL 300 million in Superlógica, an ERP software company for condominiums, administrators and real estate, the vision was clear: to bring technology to an analog sector that was being disrupted by players such as QuintoAndar and Loft.

Since then, Superlógica has carried out six M&As, consolidating its presence in the B2B market in the segment. But what may be the company’s boldest step is now being taken. In partnership with the construction company Cyrela and the technology company Intelbras, Superlógica launches today Gruvi, a superapp for the B2C market.

Gruvi, a contraction of the words group of neighbors, was born with enormous potential. “Superlógica has more than 100,000 condominiums in its base with 30 million residents”, says Carlos Cêra, CEO of Superlógica, to the NeoFeed🇧🇷 “We intend to take these 30 million people to Gruvi.”

With a cheaper customer acquisition cost (CAC), the business can become a great business generator for partners and partners who will plug into the open platform that is being created. “We are going to combine several services that today are fragmented into a single application”, says Cêra. Both from founding companies and from third parties.

The executive, who is the founder of Superlógica, says that Gruvi is a separate company and defines it as an app for the neighborhood house and the condominium divided into three categories: Minha Casa, Neighborhood and Condominium. And in the three segments there will be different types of services.

In the Minha Casa segment, the owner will be able to centralize all the expenses of the house, connecting the water bill, energy bill, IPTU, among others. In the first half of next year, Gruvi will compare energy costs with its neighbors. In addition, it will offer cheaper energy through distributed generation plants.

“We already have a pilot project in Minas Gerais”, says Cêra. The app will also have house maintenance services, with suppliers recommended by neighbors, and, in the second half of next year, the management of the tenant’s lease agreement with the real estate agency and the owner. Superlógica already has an app, Owli, with 600,000 lease contracts and will transfer it to Gruvi.

In the Condominium segment, in addition to managing orders that arrive at the gates, organizing virtual assemblies and scheduling parties, Gruvi will take millions of people who are not at its base to the app.

Carlos Cêra, founder and CEO of Superlógica, is the creator of Gruvi

The company’s strategy is to integrate the app with facial identification equipment installed at condominium entrances – equipment that is increasingly accessible in the market – many of which are manufactured by partner Intelbras.

In the first quarter of next year, the plan is to create a single register of residents and visitors for all of Brazil, regardless of the condominium. This means that the visitor will take a photo of himself, send the documents and create a record in the so-called Gruvi ID. Whenever you go to enter a condominium again, you will already have the registration in the app on your cell phone.

The Neighborhood segment will list all the neighbors in the condominium, the apartments they live in and will also bring groups divided by interests: pets, cycling, football. With that, it replaces the WhatsApp group in the building. “The advantage is that it does not expose anyone’s cell phone number, the family can enter and, when the person leaves the condominium, they are automatically excluded.”

Cêra explains that Gruvi was created to house other miniapps within the platform – a kind of WeChat, the famous Chinese app that has everything – aimed at the real estate and housing market. If the idea succeeds and if the company manages to get the millions of users it wants, Gruvi could become a billionaire business.

“It will be transformational for the company if they reach the scale we are envisioning”, says Henrique Muramoto, partner at Warburg Pincus in Brazil. “Gruvi working turns a great investment into a home run for us”, says Muramoto in reference to the term used in the private equity market to demonstrate a sure investment, with great returns in a short period of time.

Monetization will be done, for example, by charging administrators a fee for the use of virtual meetings and other services. But there are other ways. Superlogica is piloting the sale of home insurance, the sale of energy for homes and home equity is another aspect that could enter. Cyrela, for example, owns CashMe, which operates in this segment.

“There will be many opportunities to monetize. We are going to participate in a relevant way in the journey of people with their homes”, says Cêra. According to a study by the Credit Suisse bank, the addressable market that opens up for the company with home equity, smart home and home insurance alone is R$ 35 billion.

But, despite the superlative numbers, Cêra is known for a more down-to-earth management – ​​without frantically burning cash to expand the operation as some proptechs have done in recent years. “We still have money from Warburg Pincus in cash,” he says. “And, in 2023, we will have positive EBITDA.”

Source: Neofeed

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