Toro Investimentos, from Santander, buys consolidator Kokpyt

Toro Investimentos, from Santander, buys consolidator Kokpyt

THE bullthe investment platform of the Santanderjust bought 100% of the Kokpyta robo-advisor investment consolidator launched early last year by wealthtech Alle investfound the Finsiders.

With the acquisition, which has not been disclosed, Toro brings into the house a platform that consolidates multiple portfolios, multiple assets, with a global view of investments and equity, also incorporating the robo-advisor system.

The founder of Allê Invest, Luiz Macedo, joins the Toro team as business superintendent at the institution’s advisory hub.

Despite the competitive market of consolidators, in one year of operation, Kokpyt managed to grow 16x and attract a base of 20 institutions, including Toro, as Luiz told in an interview with Finsiders in February.

Wanted, Santander confirmed the news through its press office.

Toro’s acquisition of Kokpyt is symbolic as the fourth phase of Open Finance, which includes data sharing on investments, has already started to be implemented.

No wonder, other platforms have been moving. In March, the Warren announced the purchase of 100% of the MyPortfolioa SaaS platform for investment management, in an operation whose value has not been revealed.

Large institutions such as XP and BTGalready have investment consolidators to call their own (flipper and Kinvo, respectively). With a detail: in the “package” of the acquisition of Universa, the owner of Empiricus, BTG also took the Real Valuewhich had previously been acquired by Empiricus.

Larger banks are also not looking to be left behind. O Bradescofor example, in February signed a check for US$ 10 million to the smartbrain. already the Itauwhich launched the ion in October 2020 as shown by the Finsidersalso created an investment consolidator and aggregator.

Among the first fintechs to bet on the segment, the Gorilla is the only one that has not yet been acquired by a brokerage firm or a financial institution (until when?)

In December, the fintech raised BRL 100 million and is going shopping — it has already bought a minority stake in the consultancy Vita Investimentos and already has four other agreements about to be announced. The expectation is to make a portfolio with eight to ten names, said the founder in an interview with Valor, in April.

Also on a “solo path”, Santa Catarina AAWZ provides consulting and technology services to more than 100 investment advisors. A market that is on the radar of Gorilla and other consolidators.


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