Together, femtechs Feel and Lilit want to be the “Amazon of intimacy”

Together, femtechs Feel and Lilit want to be the “Amazon of intimacy”

Forget the little door with the neon sign or that shelf at the back of the pharmacy. The new generation sexshop, reframed as femtechs and sextechs, want their vibrators and lube exposed and accessible. Feel and Lilit, two digital native brands operating in the segment, joined the operations to seek a pre-seed round.

With a single product, Lilit has already earned BRL 1.7 million since it started operations, in the second half of 2020. The vibrator, the first in Brazil developed by women, was responsible for inaugurating the sexual well-being category in retailers such as Magalu, Amaro and Holistix. But despite the success of B2B, around 70% take place through the brand’s own platform, which bets on the concept of community.

Feel’s business is complementary. With a line of vegan products for the intimate region, the startup offers everything from lubricants to medical care items, such as soaps and moisturizers – aimed at menopausal women, for example. Also founded in the midst of the pandemic, with the explosion in demand for natural and wellness products, the brand grew 70% organically and raised BRL 550,000 in equity crowdfunding on the Wishe platform — 84% of investors are women.

“We are adding two brands that, together, give much more than two”, says Marília Ponte, founder of Lilit. “Our vision is to unify to explore synergies, but also to create new solutions. Several moments of women’s health go through the same problems. There is this freedom to speak and take care of the erotic, but it is not the whole of what we want to explore”. Today, Feel products are already sold on Lilit’s website and vice versa. In time, there will be a single platform.

In the Brazilian market, which is still much less mature than the American market, other DNVBs in the category also compete for audience. First to develop its own line in the country, still in 2018, Pantynova was accelerated by Endeavor. There is also Lubs, which specializes in lubricants.

For the founders of Lilit and Feel, it’s still a blue ocean. Allied Market Research estimates that the sexual wellness sector is expected to generate around US$108 billion worldwide in the next five years.

The vertical that competitors are not exploring and is one of the main bets of the new company is content. “We want to be the Amazon of intimacy,” says Marina Ratton, founder of Feel. “Both in the sense of strengthening and expanding our own product line, but also because we want to have our Women’s Health Prime. Our consumers want to learn about their own anatomy, if they get to know each other better, it changes their quality of life. Many of them only refer to pornography, which is completely unrealistic.”

Currently, the platform has an MVP of educational content and other public materials from startups, such as ebooks and videos, have already reached 16,000 downloads in exchange for user data. The USP Sexuality Project (Prosex) found that almost 60% of Brazilian women feel pain during sexual intercourse and 55% have difficulty reaching orgasm, for example. On Google, 80% of searches in 2021 with the expression “being normal” are related to female health.

Now, the startup wants to attract institutional investors. The founders have been looking for funds and managers that share the business vision for a contribution this year. The scenario of lower liquidity for startups can get in the way, but the entrepreneurs believe that the sustainable management model can be an asset.

Source: Value Pipeline

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