To retain prospects, Iguatemi bets on “Queen of the Selinhos” that has already earned R$ 60 million

To retain prospects, Iguatemi bets on “Queen of the Selinhos” that has already earned R$ 60 million

Behind the mall chain’s sales campaign is Beatriz Ramos, CEO in Brazil of L – Founders of Loyalty, a Dutch company dedicated to loyalty solutions

Network mall centers known for the exclusive list of luxury brands, and for the innovation in commercial strategies, the Iguatemi launches this Monday, 5th, a promotion in one of the most traditional retail formats to captivate customers: the seal card — or, in the case of Iguatemi, a card of pins.

Collectible, the pins can be exchanged for new products in Brazil.

How to participate in the promotion

The list includes cup sets by the German brand Nachtmann, or a collection of bags by the Italian brand Mandarina Duck.

The promotion will work along the lines of cards with collectible seals common in supermarkets.

Customers registered in Iguatemi One, the mall’s loyalty program, will be able to accumulate pins as of today.

For each purchase over 100 reais on the same invoice, a pin will be awarded. Purchases worth BRL 1,000 or more will entitle you to a super pin.

To exchange the prizes, the customer must scan the purchase receipt through the app, go to the exchange point at the mall participating in the campaign and remove the pins and/or super pins.

The exchange will be carried out according to the number of pins and availability of the products.

The campaign runs until December 4th. It is Iguatemi’s debut in a format of this type of promotion.

“The aim is to increase the flow to the mall, customer base and average purchase ticket”, says Alexandre Biancamano, marketing director at Iguatemi.

Who is L – Founders of Loyalty

Behind the campaign is the L – Founders of Loyaltya Dutch company dedicated to customer loyalty solutions for retail.

Active in 26 countries, L – Founders of Loyalty landed last year in Brazil under the command of Beatriz Ramosthe executive responsible for taking the pecks fever to the main supermarket chains in the country — so much so that she was called the “Queen of pecks”.

Ahead of the also Dutch Brand Loyalty until 2020, Ramos devised seal campaigns for the Sugar Loaf Group since 2016.

A classical pianist by training, having spent time at the prestigious Juilliard School in New York, the native of Brasilia changed careers after having an accident.

An economics course at Columbia University opened the doors to the corporate world.

As a trainee at Sony Music, she developed promotional campaigns with sticker albums by artists such as Beyoncé and Michael Jackson.

“The focus of our campaigns is to ensure a level of engagement that goes far beyond transactional,” says Ramos.

“The playful dynamics, coupled with exclusive products of the highest quality from our partner brands, guarantee an emotional connection and virality that infects all generations, which will undoubtedly make this campaign the newest fever on the market. It is an honor to be by Iguatemi’s side in this unprecedented initiative.”


Suitcase and bag by Italian Mandarina Duck and cup by German Nachtmann: prizes for those who accumulate pins in the Iguatemi sales campaign (Editing by Julio Gomes/EXAME/Disclosure)

What is the dynamics of promotions

By the rules of L – Founders of Loyalty, with each purchase, the customer receives stamps according to their expenses.

After putting them together in the promotion card, it is possible to exchange them for products from renowned brands, of the highest quality and for a value that reaches up to 99% off.

“For the retailer, the financial return is expressive, lasting and positive, proven through measurable methodologies, expertise of L – Founders of Loyalty”, says Beatriz.

Opened in February 2021, the Brazilian operation of L – Founders of Loyalty earned BRL 60 million in 12 months of operation.

In the list of customers are brands such as hortifruti native of the earth and the retailer from Paraná Muffato.

Source: Exam

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