This startup created the “Alexa of the business” and attracted giants reminiscent of WEG, Whirlpool and Mondial

This startup created the “Alexa of the business” and attracted giants reminiscent of WEG, Whirlpool and Mondial

Map Intelligence created a virtual assistant that monitors industry indicators and suggests actions to avoid losses; startup has just raised BRL 4 million with Bertha Capital

The term industry 4.0 defines the use of modern technological applications in production lines with the central aim of improving productivity and efficiency. In practice, nothing more than the insertion of refined features such as artificial intelligence, automation and the internet of things in an industry almost as old as its secular practices. At first glance, something that seems unattractive to companies, but which has already aroused the interest of many startup.

One of them is the Map Intelligence, which develops technologies to automate the industry and improve the efficiency of employees and machinery on production lines. To expand the business, Map has just received a investment of R$ 4 million from Bertha Capital, a venture investment fund that has already invested in startups such as CashU and Simple&Co. The proposal is to use the capital to improve the company’s commercial and sales structure.

What does Map Intelligence do?

Map Intelligence has developed a technology that promises to be able to monitor, in real time, vital indicators for the production of different items. As a kind of “Alexa” for the industry, the startup’s virtual assistant, called Wisdom Maker (WM), notifies operators about best practices and behaviors that can (and should) be avoided for a lower incidence of errors and also to avoid waste. and losses.

On another front, the solution can also map machine indicators and, when “plugged in” to them, any evidence of failure or suggestion of corrective actions and maintenance can be shown through electronic messages on the device itself.

Behind the system is a robust technological apparatus based on artificial intelligence developed by professor and doctor in science Manuel Augusto Cardoso, founder of the company. “The main innovation refers to the use of an intelligent virtual assistant, AI, which supports managerial and operational decisions in more assertive ways to improve competitiveness”, explains Cardoso.

“The main value of this new technology is in the classified and structured knowledge of the most varied types of production processes, obtained over the last thirty years of experiences assisted in dozens of factories”.

Currently, the company operates on two fronts:

  • Computer visionwhich performs visual inspection on production lines, in addition to product quality tests, detects image patterns and controls losses and downtime
  • design – creates system interfaces suitable for usability and user experience

who are the customers

Today Map Intelligence serves more than 100 customersincluding large industrial companies such as Honda Motorcycles, whirlpool, WEGAbage Group, MOR, Betannin Group, Mondial, philco, Britannia, Semp and Tiger. The company also has medium-sized customers in the components sector in the South, Southeast, Northeast and North of the country, in addition to large companies abroad.

“The structural advance of the technological frontier that characterizes Industry 4.0 has posed new challenges for companies that want to be among the relevant players. The leading role in the market will, as a rule, be linked to operations with improvements related to the automation of processes and management. Technological improvements that make it possible to monitor the production process have become a first-rate demand for large corporations”, says Rafael Moreira, CEO of Bertha Capital.

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