These are the highest 3 challenges of ladies entrepreneurs – and find out how to overcome them to succeed

These are the highest 3 challenges of ladies entrepreneurs – and find out how to overcome them to succeed

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After centuries of inequality, women have been conquering more and more space in recent decades and starting to occupy places, positions and positions that were previously exclusively male. Among them is entrepreneurship.. According to a survey by LinkedIn (2020), the number of women who started their own business grew 41% over the previous yearwhile among men the increase was 22%.

Considering since the data began to be counted, in 2016, the number of women entrepreneurs has doubled. Today, the country has 43 million entrepreneurs, of which 45.6% are women.according to the main research on entrepreneurship in the world, Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2021 (GEM), carried out in partnership with Sebrae.

Owning a business is the third biggest dream of 46% of Brazilians, surpassing the goal of building a career in a company, which ranks 8th on the wish list. No wonder the country is the 7th with the highest number of entrepreneurs in the world. But that doesn’t mean the process is easy. And for women, there are even more challenges and obstacles – just like in many other areas.

Check out, below, what are the 3 main obstacles faced by entrepreneurs and how to overcome them.

1. Social barriers and lack of support

Despite social changes towards gender equality, there are still those who question the ability of women to manage companies. This behavior causes entrepreneurs to be viewed with suspicion and lack of credibility by clients and investors. In this scenario, it is common for women to feel that they need to make a much greater effort than men to achieve the same results.

To alleviate this situation – which unfortunately will take time to change in society as a whole – women can seek to be part of a support network. Teaming up with other business owners can bring inspiration, as well as networking and business possibilities.

A good opportunity for entrepreneurs to make this exchange and learn from the trajectory of others who have gone through the same path is the event Now it’s them.

Scheduled to take place on November 17th, starting at 9 am, the Now It’s They is free and online and was designed for women entrepreneurs (or those who dream of starting a business), but who still feel uninspired, afraid of failure and alone in this journey.

Bringing together the top female leaders of the moment in the business world, the event will reveal lessons and stories on topics such as: financial freedom, motherhood, work-life balance, mental health, entrepreneurship in universities and how to deal with failures in business.

There will be 10 discussion panels with different names of Brazilian female entrepreneurship such as:

  • Louise Barsi, co-founder of Ações Garantem Futuro
  • Carol Paiffer, CEO of ATOM S/A
  • Fabiana Tchalian, founder of Água na Caixa
  • Adriana Barbosa – Founder of Feira Preta
  • Rachel Maia – Founder and CEO of RM Consulting
  • Dani Junco – Founder of B2Mamy
  • And others.

To participate in the panels, Simply register on the event’s official website by clicking here, and pay attention to communications sent by e-mail. There, subscribers will receive notices, exclusive content and the link to access the panels on the day of the event.

Registration is 100% free and this is a unique opportunity for women who dream of leveraging their business this year.

2. Difficulty getting credit

When it comes to seeking credit or investments, companies founded and led by women are at a disadvantage compared to those with male leadership. According to a joint study by Distrito, B2mamy and Endeavor, startups founded only by women represent only 4.7% of the national ecosystem. These initiatives received only the equivalent of 0.04% of the entire amount invested in startups in 2020.

And the scenario is the same when we expand to a global analysis. Crunchbase data shows that women received the equivalent of 2.3% of venture capital investments in 2020. The volume has also dropped considerably, from $6.2 billion in 2019 to $4.9 billion in 2020.

3. Double journey

Finally, one of the great challenges for women who run a business is to be able to reconcile the various working hours, which include motherhood and household chores.

According to the survey “Gender statistics: social indicators of women in Brazil”, by IBGE (2021), women spend almost twice as much time as men on household chores and taking care of people in the house. They spend 21 hours a week on these tasks, while they spend around 11 hours.

For those who need to run a business, this disproportion greatly affects the work. One way to contribute to changing these numbers is to demand a fairer division of household chores and responsibility, whether with the house, children or even pets.

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