The way to promote extra on Black Friday?  Uncover 5 suggestions from Google

The way to promote extra on Black Friday? Uncover 5 suggestions from Google

Google announces new website to support customers and partners on Black Friday. In addition, it publishes research on consumer profiles:

Less than two months to go until Black Friday and the Google launched this Thursday, 29, a website with information and recommendations to support customers and partners in this intense moment of preparation.

The site was launched today during the Black Friday Connections Storean event held in São Paulo, which marks the beginning of the preparation for the shopping season.

The aim is to support customers in the development and implementation of their campaign strategies during the journey to Black Friday.

Google website for Black Friday

The page brings a series of guides on how to use the company’s products to leverage sales results in the season – which, this year, will coincide with the period of dispute of the world Cupin Qatar.

On the page, you can find, for example, articles with recommendations on how to generate better results with Performance Max campaigns.

Advertisers will also find tips on what to do with campaigns when a product runs out of stock, which path to take when a product’s price changes, or how to increase customer engagement, among others.

Check out some of the highlights among the articles and recommendations from the new Google website below:

1. Recommendations Page

The page analyzes the advertiser’s performance history, your campaign settings, and trends across Google to automatically generate suggestions that can improve your performance. The tip for companies and agencies is to follow the Recommendations Page daily for new insights.

2. Performance Planner

The Google Ads tool that allows you to track campaign performance and discover opportunities for campaign changes to take advantage of seasonal periods, as well as simulate how campaign optimizations can affect results.

3. SA360

The page features a complete Search Ads 360 playbook for Black Friday, including an area to simulate your bid strategies, recommendations on how to set up seasonal adjustment, and tips for tracking Black Friday results.

4. Support materials and more

The site also has an area that brings together support materials and training on tools such as Google Ads and SA 360, as well as checklists for team preparation. There is also a FAQ available with information and tips on using Google Ads on Black Friday.

5. Commerce Guide

The site also links to the guide, released in August of this year, which provides information that helps businesses of all sizes increase sales and reach new customers using Google’s platforms.

Google search about Black Friday

Research commissioned by Google to the Ipsos Institute shows a greater number of consumers wants to go shopping before Christmas.

The survey was carried out in August through an online panel with a thousand Brazilians connected, from classes A, B and C and residing throughout Brazil.

Among the thousand respondents in the survey, 71% declared that they intend to buy this Black Friday, 29% growth compared to 2021. One of the reasons is the increased confidence of the C class, whose purchase intention increased 32% compared to 2021, while in class A and B the increase was 23%.

The research also shows that, on average, each consumer intends to purchase products from five categories this year:

  • Clothing and Accessories (47%)
  • Books and Stationery Items (43%)
  • Footwear (38%)
  • Cell phones (36%)
  • Small appliances (33%)

“This year’s Black Friday welcomes a consumer who, despite being in a challenging economic situation, is not empty of desires”, says Gleidys Salvanha, business director for the Retail segment at Google Brazil.

“The increase in purchase intent is a reflection of the increase in consumer confidence, who believes that their purchasing ability will improve by the end of the year.”

According to Google and Ipsos research, 88% of consumers believe that their financial capacity of buying products will remain the same or should improve until the end of the year, while only 11% believe their financial situation will get worse.

The survey also shows that 89% intend to buy something for themselves on Black Friday.

Most demanding consumer

In addition to advantageous prices, Brazilians are more attentive to quality, as Google has already been anticipating in other surveys carried out in recent months.

According to a survey conducted by Offerwise at the request of Google in May, nearly half (45%) of consumers understand that, after the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic, they can now more consciously decide which products, brands and services to buy.

Furthermore, research has shown that 8 out of 10 people would be willing to change brand if you understand that it is not connected to your identity or your needs.

In Google Search, interest in products in the Retail categories, associated with the words “cheap” or “best”, was reversed in the comparison between 2020 and 2022. Between April and June 2020, the searches associated with “cheap” were 53 % greater than the volume of searches associated with “best”.

However, in 2022, searches for “best” already surpass searches for “cheap” by 27%. This means that consumers valued the low price as a prerequisite to meet their most immediate needs during the pandemic, but now they give more weight to quality.

“This will be the Black Friday of the best choices for each consumer, according to their needs and economic context,” says Fernanda Bromfman, Commerce leader for medium-sized companies at Google Brazil.

“Items with a higher average ticket, such as TVs, cell phones or computer items, or less essential items, such as sportswear, should be on the list of consumers in classes A and B. This year, Black Friday for class C should include more products in the food and small appliances categories.”

One of the highlights pointed out by the Google search with Ipsos is the increased confidence of class C consumers.

Almost 7 out of 10 Brazilians in this range (68%) declared that they intend to buy an item this Black Friday, raising the purchase intention to a level closer to that observed in classes A and B (78%). In 2021, 64% of people in class A and B stated that they would buy an item, while the same statement was made by 51% of respondents in class C.

This year, the survey also recorded a growth in class C people who declared that they would definitely buy on Black Friday: the data went from 13% in 2021 to 22% in 2022, a growth of 73%. In class A and B, this growth was 31% (from 26% of respondents to 34%).

Of the 20 items analyzed, only two had higher purchase intentions in class C:

  • Food (30%, against 27% of classes A and B)
  • Small appliances (35%, against 30% of classes A and B)

In general, the shopping desire of the C class follows the average of Brazilians, being led by Clothing and Accessories (46%), Books and Stationery Items (42%) and Footwear (37%). Cell phones were in fifth place, with 34%, behind small appliances, which occupy the fourth position.

multichannel consumer

The research carried out by Google and Ipsos also reveals that Brazilians have consolidated their shopping habits acquired over the last few years and increasingly purchase through different channelswhether e-commerce or physical stores.

In total, 72% of survey respondents said they had shopped on both online and offline channels in the past six months, up 10 percentage points from last year.

For Black Friday 2022, respondents intend to do their shopping:

  • 57% through websites
  • 51% through apps
  • 45% through physical stores

Source: Exam

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