The Walt Disney Company Latin America celebrates World Environment Day with special content and initiatives to learn, reflect and raise awareness about caring for the planet

The Walt Disney Company Latin America celebrates World Environment Day with special content and initiatives to learn, reflect and raise awareness about caring for the planet

During the weekends of June, there will be themed programming on National Geographic’s linear channel, including the premiere of series and specials dedicated to the natural riches of Latin America and the work of conservationists around the world.

Additionally, a new episode of the Nat Geo Podcast, focused on Oceans, will premiere on major audio platforms on June 7th and the fourth season of the original series “Opa Popa Dupa” arrives on Disney+ on June 29th.

As part of the actions carried out through Disney Planet Possible, Disney announces its support for Roots & Shoots, the youth program founded by Dr. Jane Goodall, renowned ethologist and conservationist, to contribute to the next generation of Earth’s protectors.

THE disney extends the celebration of World Environment Day (June 5th) to the entire month of June, with allusive content on different platforms, inviting the public to discover, enjoy and reflect on the richness of the planet’s ecosystems and the importance of protecting them. them for current and future generations.

Tribute on TV

The linear channel of National Geographic joins the celebrations through different proposals. On Saturdays in June, as part of the “Sábados do Planeta” segment, the channel will premiere two productions focused on areas of natural wealth in Latin America. On Saturday 4th at 9pm (with a repeat on Sunday 5th at 4pm) “Manguezais do Mundo Maia” will be broadcast, a trip to an unknown natural paradise, home to fingerlings and crustacean hatchlings, dolphins, manatees, crocodiles and all kinds of seabirds. On Saturdays 11, 18 and 25, “Costa Rica: The Awakening of Nature” will be shown, a miniseries dedicated to the paradisiacal country of Central America that not only managed to stop the destruction of its forests, but also, in just thirty years, it has become a sanctuary for over 5% of the world’s biodiversity.

On Sundays of the month, starting at 9 pm, “Megadomingos for the Environment” will be shown, a cycle that makes visible the work of conservationists, scientists and activists in the search for care for the planet and promotes the importance of collective action. On Sunday, the 5th, “Whales: Architects of the Sea” premieres, a special that sheds light on the illegal whaling of whales during the Cold War by the KGB and the implications of the discoveries surrounding it. On Sunday the 12th, three episodes of “Climate Change: Ade on the Front Line” will be broadcast continuously, a series dedicated to those on the front lines of the fight against climate change, facing situations such as rising sea levels, drought and wildfires, with interviews with scientists and technology entrepreneurs who provide possible solutions. On Sunday the 19th, “The Age of Nature” will be presented, a documentary series that explores humanity’s relationship with nature and wildlife, from the hand of scientists and conservationists around the world who examine the ways in which we can restore our Planet. Finally, on Sunday, the 26th, a marathon of all the contents aired during the month can be seen.

Celebrations on streaming

On June 29, the fourth season of “Opa Popa Dupa”, the original series of the Disney+ which presents a puppet show with a clear objective: to educate and entertain about the Earth, the air, the planets, the jungles, the oceans, the mountains, seasons, science, energy, flora and fauna. With music, celebrities and a lot of humor so that the little ones learn great values, and the older ones feel proud.

Sustainable Tourism on Nat Geo Podcast

From June 7th, the next episode of the new season of Nat Geo Podcast, “Beyond the Oceans” will be available on major audio platforms. In addition, the public can now enjoy the third episode of the podcast with André Carvalhal, Cristal Muniz and Fe Cortez who talk about the Circular Economy, the current scenario around the problem, possible solutions and individual and collective attitudes to alleviate the problems. Listen now on Radio Disney, Youtube, Spotify and Apple Music (

The production of Nat Geo Podcast from National Geographic Brazil is part of the campaign What You Do Matterswhich – through multiple platforms and various initiatives – seeks to make its audience aware of the importance of collective action for the planet.

Disney Conservation Fund supports the next generation of nature heroes

As part of the sustained commitment of the disney in promoting environmental management and species conservation through the Disney Planet Possible, a new donation from the Disney Conservation Fund (DCF), to support the Jane Goodall Institute’s Roots & Shoots initiative. This program empowers young people around the world to become environmental guardians and conservation leaders, providing the tools, resources and networks needed to help them achieve their goals of building a movement for the Planet.

This endorsement is part of a longstanding collaboration between Disney and Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE, renowned ethologist and conservationist, founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and United Nations Messenger of Peace. Founded in 1995 to help protect wildlife and wild habitats around the world, DCF supports projects that span six continents, all five oceans and more than half of the world’s countries. To celebrate this vision of hope for the future of the planet we share, Goodall recently released a video encouraging young people to become caring citizens of their communities, animals and environment.

Disney Planet Possible was launched in the context of Earth Month, to share Disney’s collective efforts to make possible a happier, healthier future where people, plants and animals have a prosperous planet to live on. For Disney, this includes: reducing its environmental footprint, caring for wildlife and their habitats, and creating stories that celebrate the magic of nature and mobilize change.

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