The challenges of the small e-commerce entrepreneur

The challenges of the small e-commerce entrepreneur

It is nothing new that the pandemic has left its mark, consolidating changes in both the behavior of people and companies.

Therefore, we can see changes even in the form of consumption and use of the internet, making companies of all sizes need to review their strategies so they don’t have to close their doors.

In this sense, e-commerce ended up standing out, showing exponential growth in Brazil. And those who still haven’t decided to bet on the online universe are not only losing out to the competition, but also running serious risks of not resisting.

And you, are you afraid of the challenges of something new? Does the online universe scare you? So these thoughts are for you: “Discipline is the most important part of success”, “If you want to have something you’ve never had, do something you’ve never done”.

Motivational phrases? More than just motivational phrases, they can exemplify very well what it takes to succeed in e-commerce: discipline and not being afraid of challenges.

The good news is that in the virtual world, everyone is the same size, which allows small companies to fight head-on with medium and even large ones. Everything will depend on your marketing actions.

Challenges in the digital environment

If, on the one hand, betting on the digital world can be a challenge, on the other hand, it means a great opportunity for small businesses to grow.

But, of course, there are challenges to be overcome, especially for those who do not have much experience with the online universe. And, among these challenges, we can highlight brand building and store reputation.

Well, the virtual world requires new behaviors, it involves establishing a good relationship and gaining the trust of customers, optimizing mobile access, investing in effective dissemination, among others.

Furthermore, in order to stand out in the online universe, it is essential that the entrepreneur ensures a presence in different channels, builds a good image, and knows how to make use of today’s main marketing tool, social networks.

Thinking about small businesses, and their many challenges in the online universe, we have selected some important points to consider.

Personalized service

First, it is necessary to consider the immediacy of the digital world, which can be a great challenge for those who work with e-commerce. Any failure or delay in communication can generate a series of automatic criticisms. Therefore, it is essential to invest in a personalized and organized service, not only to win more customers, but also to retain them.

For this, always try to establish an agile, direct and effective communication with your client, even if you still don’t have the solution to the problem, trying to be willing to find a way out that meets their needs.

A good tip is to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and think about how you would like to be served. This will certainly help guide your care.

responsive platform

It is not new that the concept of a responsive website has become a priority for e-commerce, especially due to the diversity of devices on the market today. That is why it is so important to invest in a responsive website or online store that is easy to use, that is, offers usability to the potential customer.

Not a few people are interested, start a purchase on the desktop and when they go to finish them on the cell phone or tablet… they can’t, or vice versa.

Whether having the bank application on a specific device, or any other reason, today people want ease and, when they don’t find it, they give up making the purchase.

Therefore, to attract an increasingly demanding public, it is necessary to consider all the possibilities of devices used for shopping and create the store on top of a platform that is functional and offers good usability on different screens.

Take advantage of social networks

Currently, the different social platforms have become great business tools, perhaps the most powerful, offering everything from greater proximity to the public to brand consolidation and the possibility of attracting new customers.

Therefore, companies of different sizes and sectors already know how to take advantage of these tools. So, if you don’t want to be left behind, learn to use them in your company’s favor.

In the democratic space of social networks, all companies have the same chances of showing their products and services. Just do a good job of marketing, offering not just promotions but relevant content, using the space to answer questions and build a relationship with your audience.

Because it is an important marketing tool, it is necessary to know how to deal with constant changes, that is, not only understand how social media algorithms work, but also research, analyze and understand which content formats attract the most attention.

Finally, precisely because it is such a powerful tool, social networks cannot be underestimated, they must be left to professionals who, with low cost, but experience, will know how to make the best use of them.


And there’s no way to talk about quality e-commerce without going through the logistics involved.

Before even thinking about taking your business to the online universe, it is necessary to organize your deliveries and anticipate possible problems that may occur on the way, such as returns, product exchanges, address not found, among other adversities.

Logistics, as well as customer service, is one of the most decisive factors when it comes to customer loyalty or not. Therefore, try to prioritize the following factors:

1. Agility

People are increasingly demanding, and in this competitive online market you need to be efficient, fast and productive. Certainly, people prioritize who offers good logistics. Thus, whoever delivers early will likely have a higher return on sales. It is enough to read some comments on the pages of online stores and you will soon realize that speed in delivery is a decisive factor for customers. To ensure this, try to partner with companies that have competitive prices and efficient service, and always offer different service channels. Finally, transparency and agility.

2. Team

Behind every successful company, there is always an efficient, organized and harmonious team. For this, invest in training to build a fine-tuned and quality team.

3. Management

It is not enough to know well the product or service offered by the company, it is necessary to know how to manage costs and gains, and for this it is essential to have specialized support and/or management software, which exist in the market today.

4. Marketing and Sales

And as we said above, times have changed, and marketing strategies need to keep up with these changes. Among the many possibilities, we can highlight:

  • Bet on mixed strategies: it is not necessary to completely abandon some strategies of the physical world (off marketing), especially for those who already had a business and they used to return. A tip would be to try to merge the experience of the physical world with the virtual one. For example, buying on e-commerce (speeding up the purchase process itself) and going to pick up in the physical store is an important advantage for some customers.
  • Offer discount: Offering in-store customers a discount coupon for online purchases also works very well with some stores. Thus, in addition to encouraging the customer to buy in another format, it will show how dynamic your business is.
  • Integrate with Google Maps: try to be visible on the customer’s maps (virtual environment) as a physical commerce point. This works very well, especially for tourists and new customers.

And that’s it. Therefore, always be aware of deadlines and make sure you keep the customer properly informed about their orders, as this can make all the difference to security and reliability.

Anyway, the main tip is to never forget that e-commerce is a shopping experience based on trust and good service provided by the virtual store, and that the trend is for consumers to increasingly use this way of shopping. Therefore, overcome the challenges and enjoy the many advantages of betting on this interesting online universe.

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