The best way to pitch an ideal enterprise?  Study in competitors with free, open enrollment

The best way to pitch an ideal enterprise? Study in competitors with free, open enrollment

The competition is organized by venture capital fund manager KPTL. This edition is sponsored by B3, Fundo Vale, Instituto Helda Gerdau, Unimed and Modalmais

One of the most traditional startup competitions in Brazil, the VC Challenge from the bottom KPTL reaches its fifth edition and registration is open.

The competition will be between September 17 and November 12 this year.

What is the VC Challenge

College and high school students will be able to have the experience of being a startup entrepreneur and doing the pitch to a select (and rigorous) group of investors.

Among the sponsors of the edition — many of them will take teams to be the judges of the competition — are heavy names:

  • B3
  • Valley Fund
  • Helda Gerdau Institute
  • Unimed
  • modal more

The 2022 edition will have a novelty: entrepreneurs already on the market will also be able to compete in the challenge.

In this category, they will present their ideas in search of an immediate investment contribution.

And, therefore, the scrutiny of data and information will be at another level when compared to the other modalities of the VC Challenge.

How long does the project last?

All participants will undergo, over almost 8 weeks, to immerse themselves in the ecosystem of Venture Capitalparticipating in dynamics and workshops with market experts.

In other words, a program full of collective activities and hands-on, with cases, experiences and problems of real companies.

what will be the format

The event takes place in a hybrid way, with three format options:

  • high school online
  • university online
  • face-to-face university students in São Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Porto Alegre

Among the awards, there are trips, courses and internships at KPTL, creator, organizer and one of the main managers of venture capital from Brazil.

In 2021, the VC Challenge brought together virtually only more than 1,900 students from more than 150 universities in 26 states and expectations are high for the partial resumption of face-to-face courses, with the online option.

In this edition, the main opening lecture will be given by Bernardinhocoach of the Brazilian men’s volleyball team and serial entrepreneur.

“It is a pleasure to be back and meet the young entrepreneurs and professionals who will shape the future of the ecosystem. The next entrepreneur, the next innovation executive, the next public agent promoting technology-based entrepreneurship will come out of there. Entrepreneurship is increasingly becoming a life option, it is important to present the reality before these young people make an important decision in their professional journeys”, says Renato Ramalho, CEO of KPTL.

How the competition works

Understand the entrepreneurial environment by feeling both sides of the counter. This is the main guideline that guides the dynamics of the VC Challenge. Each group, of up to four members – who must apply individually – will need to act as both investors and investment funders.

The list of tasks includes the elaboration of a market study until the presentation of the “pitches”, always counting on the mentorship of renowned business leaders. In addition to practical knowledge, students will be able to expand their network of contacts with investors and potential employers.

Renato Pavan, creator of the project, celebrates half a decade by engaging students and attracting important sponsors. “Very happy to see the VC Challenge in its fifth edition. Thousands of young people have already been impacted and this year the reach should be even greater. Having strong sponsors who share the same purpose has been a great differentiator for the competition to bring quality content to these young people”, he says.

How much does it cost and where is the registration

Subscriptions are free and can be made until the 16th of September on the project’s website. About 4,000 are expected students.

Source: Exam

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