Ex-waiter bought out of debt of R$ 250 thousand and

After having problems with a partner and accumulating debt, the Nani Sound franchise has 22
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Nation creates 278 thousand formal jobs in September; common wage

Brazil opened 278,085 formal jobs in September, according to data from the Caged (General Registry
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20 low cost franchises from R$ 6 thousand to earn

With home based franchises, the franchisee can manage their time, have their own working hours
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Couple creates hamburger store in Jundiaí with R$ 5 thousand

Eaiburguer sold 60 franchises in less than a year and already has eight units in
Read More provides greater than 4 thousand digital providers to small

The reduction of bureaucracy directly impacts the improvement of the business environment. In this sense,
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Mission that will increase the MEI ceiling to R$ 144.9

Small businesses won another important victory this Wednesday (1st). The Committee on Constitution, Justice and
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Candidates promise revenue tax exemption for individuals who earn as

Presidential candidates make promises with an eye on the more than 15 million Brazilians who
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Meet sweets franchises to speculate from R$ 64 thousand

Check initial investment and payback time of some candy franchises Who never left the house,
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Justice exempts IPVA for disabled driver with car above R$

The Justice of São Paulo exempted from the payment of IPVA (Tax on the Property
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A thousand mayors mobilize against the benefits PEC

The National Confederation of Municipalities wants to draw attention to the high cost of measures
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