Discover investors’ favorite investments in May

Smartbrain survey lists stocks, equity funds, multimarket funds, fixed income and FIIs most sought after
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Agro is digital: producers buy inputs online and encourage investments

The digitization of agribusiness, which began “within the gate” and brought innovations such as precision
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Solar energy has record generation and BRL 86.2 billion in

The solar source has already surpassed the installed power of thermoelectric plants powered by oil
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Tesla and MicroStrategy together lose more than $1.5 billion on

Tesla and Microstrategy have a combined loss of nearly $1.5 billion on their bitcoin investments,
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With the scarcity of investments, taking care of the cash

A year ago, startup founders often found themselves hot on the heels of venture capitalists
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Eletrobras: privatization brings investments, but electricity bill may not fall

The privatization of Eletrobras will generate more investments in the country’s electricity sector, accelerate the
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