Bolsonaro says gasoline should be R$2 cheaper and diesel, R$1,

President did not detail the calculations used to arrive at the numbers he presented President
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Bolsonaro cites Amazon and elections in Brazil in meeting with

The statements came before the two presidents met behind closed doors in a room at
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Bolsonaro and Guedes ask supermarkets to hold prices. Industry sales

Minister appealed to businessmen to ‘tighten their belts’. Retail loses steam and advances only 0.9%
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Bolsonaro signals that there will be no salary readjustment to

According to the president, other careers do not allow for restructuring The President of the
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Summit of the Americas begins with boycotts and meeting between

The summit will allow Biden to get closer to Latin American leaders, a crucial move
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After high in diesel, Bolsonaro changes calculation of road freight

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) edited a Provisional Measure to reduce the percentage of variation in
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