Supermarkets type retailer to earn BRL 1 billion

Supermarkets type retailer to earn BRL 1 billion

Recently, the chains in the interior of São Paulo Villarreal Supermercados and Simpatia Supermercado merged, in which they became part of the so-called CVS (Comercial Villa Simpatia) – the company that will manage the new business. “As of 2024, we should start opening new stores so that, in 2026, we can surpass the mark of BRL 1 billion in revenue/year. It is worth remembering that, in this growth process of the first two years, the implementation of a new CD (distribution center) of the company is also contemplated”, explains Flávio Almeida, director and founder of Comercial Villa Simpatia, exclusively for Jornal Giro News .

Among the reasons for the merger, the executive mentions that it will be possible to unify good practices, the real potential for revenue growth, cost optimization, expansion of the relationship with suppliers and greater capillarity of actions with customers.

Step by step
In the first phase of the union, the retailer’s priority will be to carry out the integration of the two companies. “We are going to focus on intelligent management, guarantee the optimization of processes in some areas, that is, we want to benefit from the best that each one of the companies has. In a second moment, we will start the expansion project that is already part of the business plan of Comercial Villa Simpatia Ltda.”

How are the flags?
The Villarreal Supermercados and Simpatia Supermercados brands will be maintained. “The two banners have a long tradition in the market, are recognized by their relational audiences and, above all, are references for good services and products in the regions where they operate. This history must be preserved, respecting the profile of each brand with its customers, that is, Villarreal operating with premium profile stores and Simpatia with the profile of already consolidated supply stores in the squares where they are installed.”

The chain starts with 13 stores, located in the cities of São José dos Campos, Caçapava, Pindamonhangaba, São Bento do Sapucaí and Cruzeiro, in addition to a distribution center in Caçapava. Currently, Villarreal Supermercados has four stores in operation and Simpatia Supermercados has nine stores in operation. “As of January 2, 2023, we will be operating efficiently with both brands within a single company, without any type of occurrence or inconvenience for our employees, suppliers and customers.”

CVS is being jointly managed by directors/founders Flávio Almeida, from Villarreal Supermercados and Gustavo Nunes, from Simpatia Supermercados. Even with the DNA of the original groups, Comercial Villa Simpatia will operate independently. Grupo Zaragoza, for example, will be focused on the management and administration of stores in the cash and carry segment, under the Spani Atacadista banner.

Source: Giro News

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