Startup of humanized well being for pregnant ladies begins serving Bradesco Saúde beneficiaries

Startup of humanized well being for pregnant ladies begins serving Bradesco Saúde beneficiaries

With the partnership, healthtech Theia becomes one of the largest health centers for pregnant women from prenatal to postpartum. Meet:

You’ve probably already met a pregnant woman having difficulty finding a reliable obstetrician. The indication of acquaintances can help, but often the consultations are not transdisciplinary and do not meet all the specific needs of that pregnant woman.

The healthtech Theiawhich offers humanized health care for women from prenatal to postpartum, announces this Tuesday, 20th, a partnership with the Bradesco Saúde and will offer a complete solution for pregnant women benefiting from the health plan.

In a highly competitive market, which still has gaps to be addressed to include the woman at the care center throughout the motherhood journey, the Theia has the proposal to change this reality in one of the most transformative and uncertain phases for women.

Founded in 2019, entrepreneurs Paula Crespi and Flavia Deutsch they have already worked in technology companies, completed an MBA at Stanford University (United States) and became mothers. From professional and personal experiences came the business idea of Theia: a platform that unites mothers and fathers to the advice of specialized professionals.

Theia is a service focused on women’s health, with special attention to motherhood and a focus on humanized care from when she wants to get pregnant, during prenatal care, during labor and postpartum. healthtech continues to serve the family, with pediatric follow-up children, for example.

In April of this year, the Theia announced a contribution of BRL 30 million in a seed roundled by the American fund 8VC and also included the Canaan fund and Kaszek Ventures, which had already participated in a previous round.

Partnership with Bradesco

With the partnership with Bradesco SaúdeTheia becomes part of the My Doctor Obstetrics Programa health plan care line that offers a selection of doctors and multidisciplinary teams, recognized for their excellence.

The expectation is to increase the scope of services with access to a transdisciplinary team that accompanies pregnant women during the journey, works in childbirth care centered on the woman’s desire, and also continues care after pregnancy. Among the specialties offered are:

  • obstetrics/gynecology
  • obstetric nurses
  • pelvic physiotherapy
  • Nutritionists
  • psychologists
  • Pediatrics

All specialties are organized into a journey designed for better care and experience. week by week of pregnancy.

The integration between the systems Theia and Bradesco Saúde has already been completed and patients can now access and schedule appointments through the website and app. With wide coverage for the various categories of plans, the partnership allows access to the specialties that Theia offers, that is, modalities that span the entire pregnancy journey and baby care.

Childbirth is an important moment for women and finding teams that respect the desire for normal birth within the covenant is a challenge. With the partnership, the childbirth is also covered by the networkas well as the possibility of carrying out the procedure with the support and support from Theia delivery team.

“This moment has always been one of the main goals of healthtech, which is expand the experience and successful healthcare model that we created for the as many pregnant women as possible, that’s why we always invest in technology to leverage this dream. With a large operator like Bradesco Saúde, this becomes reality. Theia is now one of the largest health centers for pregnant womenwhich unites the concept of the health journey and the use of technology”, says entrepreneur Paula Crespi, who runs the operation with founding partner Flavia Deutsch Gotfryd.

For the Bradesco SaúdeTheia’s arrival adds an important differential to the beneficiaries and the babies.

“The partnership with Theia offers a humanized service and that values ​​the relationship between doctor and patient, with individualized approach. The set of services available and the ease of access to consultations, with in-person and online options, bring practicality, agility and convenience to our pregnant women, according to what each woman needs for a full care journey at this important moment”, comments Flávio Bitter, managing director of Bradesco Saúde.

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