Startup desires to finish forms in European citizenship functions — and already earns BRL 20 million

Startup desires to finish forms in European citizenship functions — and already earns BRL 20 million

Founded in 2019, Cidadania4u has developed a platform that automates the entire process of applying for European citizenship

Entrepreneurs from Brasilia Rafael and Rodrigo Gianesini have an aversion to the exhaustive routine of notary offices, and a lengthy process of applying for Italian citizenship has made this even worse. It was discontent with the personal process that led the duo to found Cidadania4u, a startup specializing in European citizenship applications made by Brazilians that in 2021 earned R$21 million.

The idea, which came from a personal pain, was born with the aim of simplifying the lives of those who face months – or even years – in search of Italian citizenship. It’s not uncommon for citizens to take long periods of time to gather all the necessary documents — and even then there’s no guarantee they’ll get citizenship. “I realized right away that this was a dream market. People look for ways to get citizenship and many of them gave up due to bureaucracy”, says the CEO and co-founder of Cidadania4u, Rafael Gianesini.


In practice, the platform created in 2019 is capable of orchestrating the entire process of applying for Italian and Portuguese citizenship. The logic lies in dedicating a team of experts responsible for each step of the process, from document analysis and genealogical research to the translation of petitions and legal advice. “It goes a long way towards ensuring that there are no frictions and that there is no doubt that that person is the same person from start to finish,” he says. Right away, Gianesini realized that the pain was in scaling a business that had such individual processes, since each citizenship application has its particularities.

The solution found was to delay the company’s launch to the market, focusing on the development of predictive analytics and a more robust platform from a technological point of view. “We didn’t want to start with spreadsheets or papers, because that would just mean outsourcing what a person already does on their own in this process. We spent a year creating a smart platform that did all of this for itself,” he says. Today, the startup’s platform predictively assesses the feasibility of the process and takes care of all the formalities. At the end, customers can see the process step by step in an application. “We are a technology company that carries out a European citizenship process. That’s the best description,” he says.


Currently with 140 employees, the startup is looking to hire to grow even more. According to Gianesini, the goal is to at least triple annually. “We always try new things. We are a new company every year”, he says. To achieve this, the company bets on the strength of word of mouth, of customers who recommend the services to other people and also on improvements to the platform itself, with new resources available to customers. On another front, Cidadaniau4 should inaugurate new verticals of services in the coming months, starting with a real estate front, intermediating the purchase and sale of real estate in euro for Brazilians.

“Let’s take advantage of the fact that we are good at solving bureaucracy and innovating,’” he says. The product is in the testing phase, and should be launched in 2023. In 2019, the first year of the platform, the company’s revenue was R$ 1 million. Two years later, it was R$ 21.5 million. In 2022, CIDADANIA4U MUST TURN IN BRL 54 MILLION.

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