Shirt competes with lunch?  – BizNews Brasil :: News of Mergers and Acquisitions of Companies

Shirt competes with lunch? – BizNews Brasil :: News of Mergers and Acquisitions of Companies

Already giving spoiler: yes, shirt competes with lunch.

And now, let’s go to the alert of this article: the competition has increased.

Almost anything can compete with almost anything. Let me explain: the other day I went to the mall to buy a shirt. I imagined spending a certain amount and off I went and the woman I loved, heading towards spending.

But it was lunch time. And I’ve always taken it seriously.

Share of Wallet

Result: a wonderful meal, but it ended up generating two expenses that would need to be compensated: the expense of money and the expense of time.

Hard to imagine that we have unlimited resources of money and time. Therefore, the concept of Share of Wallet (percentage of wallet, pocket) and the concept of Share of Time (percentage of available time) gain relevance in consumption.

It’s increased competition. I used to go to the mall to buy a book and that work competed with the other works on sale at the bookstore. Then, when bookstores started selling cute stationery, that book competed for attention and budget with the wonders of the world of pens and Moleskines. A little more and the books competed with all the electronic and digital junk. And now the books – or whatever product you want – compete with everything that is on sale at the mall and even outside it. It’s because? Because the customer’s wallet doesn’t have infinite firepower.

Many products, many services, availability of consumption less than the temptations to buy.

Share of Time

The same thing happens in terms of time. I thought that with the advent of better and bigger tablets and smartphones, people would read more. What I didn’t take into account is that people have limited time for leisure & entertainment.

So, going back to the book, it competes with the messages of the apps that clamor for our attention, it competes with Netflix and other streaming.

And each time new diversions and options arise, new choices are made and the competition for attention and time increases.

Broad, general, unrestricted competition

So, at the end of the story, everything competes with everything.

Camisa competes with lunch, a new car competes with a possible new graduate degree, which in turn competes with the renovation of the house, which competes with vacation trips.

And reading this article competes with a lot of things that the dear reader could be doing. So, I sincerely thank you for walking along these lines. It means that I won the competition even from the temptation to look at the messages that must have arrived on your whatsapp or telegram while you were reading this text. At least I didn’t have to fight the budget, right?

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