She created a vegan cleansing merchandise firm and expects to earn BRL 2.5 million in 2022

She created a vegan cleansing merchandise firm and expects to earn BRL 2.5 million in 2022

Onda Eco is a company of cleaning products sustainable, created in 2020 by entrepreneur Stefania Bonetti, in Curitiba. The brand that already sold online throughout Brazil and had a physical presence in retailers from Paraná, Rio de Janeiro and Santa Catarina, landed in São Paulo this week, with the opening of a distribution center and arrival on the shelves of Pão de Açúcar.

“We are currently expanding the brand in São Paulo. It’s a big step because it’s a very important market. And arriving with a partner that will give us this visibility and credibility is fundamental”, says Bonetti.

With the increase in the operation in São Paulo, the entrepreneur estimates that the company’s annual revenue will rise from R$ 600 thousand, in 2021, to close to R$ 2.5 million this year.

The businesswoman’s idea is that, with the new distribution center, purchases made through e-commerce are delivered on the same day. “When we talk about cleaning products, sometimes people remember that they have to buy them because the detergent has run out and she can’t wait a week to receive it”, comments the entrepreneur.

3 echo

Founded and led by women, the company, according to Bonetti, was based around three “eco”. The first one comes from ecology, as they are products vegans, developed from plants and with a non-toxic formulation. In addition, the packaging is made with recycled plastics from the ocean, emphasizes the entrepreneur.

The second echo comes from economics. The brand’s products are, on average, 40% cheaper than competitors in the segment ecologicalreaching up to 80% price difference in some cases.

“Regarding the conventional lines on the market, we work with very similar prices due to cost-effectiveness. Our products are concentrated, so a liter of Onda Eco will yield more than a liter of non-concentrated product. Thus, the value per liter ends up being very similar”, compares Bonetti.

The idea of ​​being competitive aims to bring more accessibility and break with the “prejudice” that vegan and ecological lines are always more expensive. An objective that matches the company’s third echo, which is to echo “ideas of good”.

We want to help promote this environmental education, bring this awareness that is so important at this time for the preservation of the world. I always say that if we want a future sustainablewe need to work on a responsible present, otherwise nothing will be sustainable in the long term”, says Bonetti.


Founded with her own resources, the entrepreneur says she spent around R$300,000 to get the idea off the ground. With the company’s growth in the first year of operation and plans to reach new states, Bonetti says he is opening his first round of fundraising investments. “But we don’t have this well defined and open to the market yet, because we are in negotiation”, she says.

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