Self-discipline is a part of the technique, says Renata Vichi, CEO of Kopenhagen

Self-discipline is a part of the technique, says Renata Vichi, CEO of Kopenhagen

CEO of Kopenhagen, Vichi has discipline as a guide to organize himself between the management of 995 stores, health care and activities with his son

The changes that can be seen in the stores of Copenhagen or Brazil Cocoa on the eve of Christmas or da Easter, times when brands see an increase in sales, don’t start a month or two before the actual day. “We started planning the strategy for each ‘seasonal’ [épocas com oferta de produtos específicos, como Páscoa e Natal] 18 months before each date”, says Renata Vichi, CEO of the CRM groupwhich involves both brands and also the coffee shop chain Kop Koffee🇧🇷 The organization meant to sell 1.5 million Panettone in 2022 – 50% more than the previous year.

For Renata, the discipline it is a sore point, something he incorporates into his early sales strategy, his daily dedication to body care and also his 10 to 12 hours of work a day, part of which he spends visiting stores in different cities. There are 995 stores distributed across all states. And the executive takes time to be in each one throughout the year. “I don’t like to spend a lot of time in the office, I say that I’m a field CEOvisits are part of my routine.”

Renata wakes up daily at 4:40 am to exercise before starting work. “I give my son a kiss before he goes to school and by 7:30 am I’m in the office,” she says. She starts her day with priorities listed – and among them is having lunch with her teenage son a few times a week. “I organize my schedule myself so I can control what matters to me.”

Part of the conversation with Vichi took place a little before a trip, when he was at the Forbes Brasil office to record a video recounting his trajectory, a piece that would be part of one of the panels of the Forbes Summit Austriaa meeting of female leaders telling what they learned and how they deal with their careers.

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In the story of Renata Vichi, who started at age 16 the career in the company that the father had bought, the then fine chocolates manufacturer Kopenhagen, taking care of the digital transformation of an almost century-old brand it was the most important moment. “We have 3 million active customers who can receive their orders anywhere in Brazil within 3 hours, which was not possible before the pandemic.”

It was the closure of stores in March 2020 that led the leader to promote this change in the company and, consequently, the assume the position of CEO in the same year. BRL 10 million was invested in strengthening the online presence and transforming stores into a kind of logistics center, where each franchisee is responsible for delivering orders that arrive via e-commerce in their region.

The innovation that Renata brought to the company, such as the creation of a brand with more popular prices, Brasil Cacau, as a way of maintaining the market for Kopenhagen, her first brand, were part of the group having achieved revenues of around R$ 1, 5 billion, according to estimates for 2020, as the company does not disclose numbers.

This trajectory led her to be invited, two years ago, to be part of the board by Arezzo & Co🇧🇷 “As a counselor, I feel that I can contribute with what I’ve learned in these more than 20 years within CRM, which, again, was only possible because of my discipline”, she says.

To deal with these extra tasks, she proposes to analyze what is discussed in each meeting in advance. “If it is to analyze a report, I will arrive at the meeting with everything read and written down. Therefore, discipline is not something that I bring just for myself, but that I try to inspire in the people who work with me”, says the executive who, while watching the stores of the group that she chairs sell the last Panettone of the year, is already looking forward to Easter 2024.

Source: Forbes

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