See which are the best restaurants for business meetings

See which are the best restaurants for business meetings

Based on the list of 100 Best Restaurants in Brazil, by Casual EXAME, we indicate the options for professional meetings

Choosing a restaurant for business meetings is not an easy task: it must be quiet enough to allow intimate conversations, but without appealing to a romantic atmosphere – and, in addition, have a versatile menu for different occasions. Thinking about that, Casual EXAME listed some of the best options for professional meetings among the 100 Best Restaurants in Brazil. Check out!


NelitaNelita (Nelita/Disclosure)

Weeks after opening, in January of last year, Nelita had to close its doors due to the pandemic. You can even say that Tássia Magalhães’s restaurant (named after the chef’s mother) actually started operating just over twelve months ago. It was enough to mark territory in the gastronomic scene: the kitchen entirely made up of women has Italian inspiration and inventiveness for signature dishes. And, with the new menu, just presented, it gave birth to creations such as duck with smoked onion and frosting (111 reais) and shrimp with miso and acerola (76 reais).

Rua Ferreira de Araújo, 330, Pinheiros, São Paulo


You can say that Ori is the result of the Origin restaurant. But the duo Fabrício Lemos and Lisiane Arouca managed to give their own identity to the second endeavor: more “down to earth” recipes and an à la carte menu – while the precursor only offers the tasting menu –, always with a strong reference to Bahian cuisine. Proof of this is the abarajé (35 reais), a creation of the house that brings together two of the most traditional recipes in the region; and the sun-dried meat with couscous tropeiro and milk mush (89 reais). There is even a feijoada with seafood, white beans and coconut rice to share (159 reais).

Avenida Santa Luzia, 656, Horto Florestal, Salvador

Babbo Osteria

Babbo OsteriaBabbo Osteria (Babbo Osteria/Disclosure)

4 million reais were invested to transform the old mansion in the carioca neighborhood of Ipanema into a little piece of Italy. But the Italian-Brazilian Elia Schramm did it. And it wasn’t just because of the decoration full of European references and familiar objects from the restaurateur: the menu is faithful to the traditions, from the arancini funghi (37 reais), dumplings made with mushroom risotto; even the polpetone stuffed with buffalo mozzarella and accompanied by tagliollini with sage butter (59 reais). In the cocktail shop, highlight the daring Martini with GranaPadano and pepper (44 reais).

Rua Barão da Torre, 632, Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro


XavierXavier (Xavier/Disclosure)

Mediterranean restaurants are not uncommon here. But it still sounds like a novelty to try Catalan cuisine – which has particularities in relation to its Spanish and French neighbors. In the menu prepared by chef Xavier Gamez, seafood stands out, such as fideuá de pulpo (151 reais), a kind of octopus paella with pasta instead of rice. But there is also room for the strip roast of Black Angus fed for 200 days only with grain (145 reais). It’s just not worth having a closed mind: the restaurateur usually offers dishes that do not appear on the menu.

Rua Auxiliadora, 203, Auxiliadora, Porto Alegre

Nino Cucina

Nothing seems to shake the Nino phenomenon – which is already preparing new units for Rio de Janeiro (RJ) and Goiânia (GO). And, as in successful series, there are even spin-offs restaurant: Ninetto, a kind of more intimate and sophisticated version; and Nino Casa Tua, dedicated to delivery and take-out. The fact is that the cozy atmosphere and the great location at Itaim Bibi explain part of the queues that form to this day, but the well-prepared menu was essential in these seven years, especially the veal ossobuco with saffron risotto (78 reais) , a burrata roast (45 reais) and excellent artisanal pasta.

Rua Jerônimo da Veiga, 30, Jardim Europa, São Paulo


AltruisticAltruistic (Altruistic/Disclosure)

Just take a look at the wall (double-height) full of bottles to imagine that wines are Altruista’s strong point. And it’s not just decoration: there are 150 options served in glasses and more than 500 labels – in addition to five sommeliers to help with recommendations. On the menu, there are recipes with strong Italian inspiration, such as ravioli alle uova, which has a soft yolk, ricotta and spinach filling, in addition to sautéed mushrooms (42 reais); Sicilian lemon risotto with squid, octopus and shrimp (84 reais); and more than ten pasta options. To share, there is also the alla fiorentina steak (269 reais).

Alameda Campinas, 952, Jardins, Sao Paulo

Modern Mamma Osteria

Modern Mamma OsteriaModern Mamma Osteria (Modern Mamma Osteria/Disclosure)

For starters, hardly anyone will call Modern Mamma Osteria by its full name – and instead it will be the abbreviation “Moma”. It is true that the frisson around the restaurant, which, for years, was fashionable in São Paulo (SP), is no longer the same. But this is also positive: the clientele is there because they really like the work of Paulo Barros and Salvatore Loi. After all, chefs have focused on classic Italian recipes and comfort foods from the brand-new paparelle with pumpkin, amaretto and mustard (64 reais) to the very traditional rigatoni cacio and pepe (61 reais).

Rua Manuel Guedes, 160, Itaim, Sao Paulo
Rua Ferreira de Araújo, 342, Pinheiros

Brasilia scent

Brasilia scentBrasilia Scent (Brasília Scent/Disclosure)

Surviving the pandemic is a huge achievement for any restaurant. But what about those who opened their doors a few months before the first restrictions? This is the case of Aroma Brasília – created by chef Ronny Peterson, who took over Gero’s kitchen for years. On the menu, there are good creations, such as roasted pork belly, marinated in cachaça and cane molasses, and accompanied by truffled corn cream (94 reais) or grilled octopus in baru crust and sautéed yam textures (132 reais). In addition, there are democratic executive options during the week, which include starters and desserts.

CLS 407, BL A , LJ 34, SHCS CLS 407, Asa Sul, Brasília


Few people know that Amadeus was founded in 1985, because, according to official history, the inauguration appears two years later – when Ana and Tadeu Masano took over the administration. And to be fair: it is practically impossible to imagine the restaurant without this family, which has been in charge for more than three decades and currently has the second generation in charge of the kitchen. But her daughter, Bella Masano, kept the menu’s identity, marked by fish and seafood recipes, such as codfish balls (48 reais); moqueca (185 reais); and even the iconic couscous (69 reais).

Rua Haddock Lobo, 807, Cerqueira Cesar, Sao Paulo


After almost four decades, you can say that the Satyricon is already a true classic in Rio de Janeiro. And the essence of the menu has always remained the same: Mediterranean recipes, with love for Italian dishes and, especially, ingredients from the sea. So much so that, right at the entrance, there is the aquarium with lobsters, cavaquinhas and live molluscs – while the fish are caught with a line, not with a net, to preserve the integrity of the meat. It is with this quality that the lobster to thermidor (258 reais), the spaghetti alle vongole (116 reais) and a multitude of recipes.

Rua Barão da Torre, 192, Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro


RistorantineRistorantino (Ristorantino/Disclosure)

It is no simple task to remain relevant for almost a decade – even more so in the disputed category of Italian restaurants. But Ristorantino took it literally: with unparalleled hospitality and an atmosphere that even seems to transport the clientele to Europe, the home of the restauranteur Ricardinho Trevisani is a reference in the city. It is true that the menu avoids being daring and, instead of authorial recipes, is dedicated to traditional dishes, such as lasagna with veal and black truffles (125 reais); and spaghetti à carbonara (105 reais). But it works. During the week, there is an executive lunch with starter, main and dessert (125 reais).

Rua Doutor Melo Alves, 674, Cerqueira César, São Paulo

Bottega Bernacca

Bottega BernaccaBottega Bernacca (Bottega Bernacca/Handout)

Although Bottega Bernacca has expanded and currently has three restaurants in São Paulo (SP), all of them have preserved this “small find” aura. It is true that the menu has remained closely linked to the traditional recipes of Italian cuisine, but that does not mean that generic dishes without interventions – and even the classic cacio and pepe (79 reais) received a pinch of bottarga, as mullet eggs are called, influenced by Gerard Barberan. For those who prefer not to risk, good options are cipirani carpaccio (59 reais) and artisanal pasta amatriciana bianca (62 reais).

Rua Padre João Manuel, 826, Jardins, São Paulo
Avenida Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 2232, Jardim Paulistano, São Paulo
Rua Amauri, 244, Itaim Bibi, Sao Paulo

Source: Exam

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