Rappi’s bet to create loyal consumers: subscription, discounts and free streaming

Rappi’s bet to create loyal consumers: subscription, discounts and free streaming

The app’s premium subscription service grew 21% in recent months and should become the company’s main strategy in Brazil

It is not today that the rappi wants to do more than just deliveries. In the Brazilian operation, for example, one of the efforts to extend services beyond delivery is to foster a trend that started in Colombia, homeland of the super app: the subscription services.

O RappiPrime, a subscription program created in 2018, has been showing a good moment for applications that are betting on a new set of benefits to retain customers. Since it was relaunched in February of this year, the service grew 21% in the number of subscribers.

The signature trend at Rappi is a global movement. The challenge, in this scenario, is to make the user realize that the time gained from delivery facilities is the most valuable return on investment, says Giuliana Guazzelli, RappiPrime leader in Brazil. “Our focus is to connect that prime user to understand the benefits they get from it,” she says.

For this, one of the efforts is to use technology in the app itself to engage and attract users who are not yet subscribers — a large array of data and ads helps on this front. At the other end, the association with streaming services, according to Guazzelli, increases the chances of a subscriber realizing the added value in the subscription.

With a new face in 2022, RappiPrime gained two new options: Prime Basic and Prime Plus. In the first version, at a monthly price of R$ 19.90, subscribers are entitled to free shipping for up to eight orders, 30% off the cost of the service and discounts of up to 50% on products. The Plus version, at R$34.90 per month, offers unlimited free shipping and discounts of up to 50% in various verticals, such as restaurants and supermarkets and free subscription on HBO Max.

In addition to the free subscription to the HBO streaming service, the modality also gives free access to premium Youtube for three months. A partnership with Diamond Films studio also offers a ticket to watch the movie release every month.

The growth of the service comes, in large part, thanks to a new moment with regard to the habits of digital consumers. More used to paying for more refined services, users are also more willing to adhere to digital subscription programs that make their day-to-day easier.

Given this, Rappi has been reinforcing this vertical since the second quarter of this year. The idea of ​​the application is to continue this growth and have at least 50% of the user base as subscribers. In the long term, the Subscription models should become Rappi’s main source of revenue in Brazil.

“We want not only users who know the benefits to multiply this, but also partners, like HBO, for example, who benefit through this and help us with organic communication”, he says. “Without a doubt, Prime will drive Rappi’s strategy for years to come.”

discount week

From July 4th to 10th, Rappi promotes Prime Week, a week of discounts dedicated to Prime subscription club subscribers. Among the highlights of the July edition are discounts of up to 30% in national hotels, 20% in international hotels and up to 50% in several restaurants. Products from the Heinz and Kibon brands will also have a 40% discount on market orders.

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