Payroll mortgage fintech receives funding of BRL 135 million led by BTG Pactua

Payroll mortgage fintech receives funding of BRL 135 million led by BTG Pactua

Founded in 2018, Ali offers the lowest rates on the payroll loan market, which guarantees around 40% savings over other more popular loans.

THE Therepayroll loan fintech, announces this Tuesday, 23, an investment of BRL 135 million. The Series A round between equity and support is led by BoostLAB, the business hub of BTG Pactual (from the same controlling group as EXAME). The resource will be used to expand the areas of products, commercial, technology and HR, in addition to creating new projects by the end of the year. The company expects to reach one million customers in 2023.

Founded in 2018 by Bruno Reis and in partnership with Fisherleader and reference in Venture Builder in Brazil, Ali operates in private payroll loans and credit for solar financing, transacting more than R$ 200 million in payroll loans since the beginning of the operation.

With the lowest market rates, fintech guarantees around 40% savings on other more popular credits, such as personal credit, credit cards, among others.

The investment manager CDP Capitalincreased its support for fintech, and also announced in the same period that it will guarantee funding for the operation of R$ 100 million.

With these resources, Bruno Reis says that Ali seeks growth and wants to make its application known among companies that want to better conditions for your employees and also among the end customers.

Affiliated companies

For partner companies, Ali offers payroll loan for employeesfocused on debt reduction, through the app economizer which also performs the automatic withdrawal of all credit lines taken by the user, as well as the costs of these lines, and makes the repayment and exchange of these credits for an operation with Ali.

“The private payroll loan market has great potential. In the first quarter of 2022, the segment reached the mark of BRL 26 billion in stock of private payroll loans compared to the stock of BRL 292 billion of unsecured, expensive and high-turnover personal loans”, reinforces the CEO.

“This is the market focused by Ali, with its ‘Economizometer’ app, which offers automated exchange of more expensive debts, with direct payroll deduction, helping people to save on interest expenses of other credit lines very above average”, he adds.

THE average savings generated by fintech, it is more than one salary per year for each employee of the associated company. Today, Ali has more than 200 partner companies, including Aço Cearense, Deloitte, Ernst & Young and Três Corações, and more than 250,000 company employees.

In addition, Ali is integrated into major strategic partners, most of them exclusive, in payroll managementwhich represent more than 17 million employees.

Solar energy

In addition to the payroll-deductible credit market, Ali also brings savings to customers in the Solar Energy market, with the same foundation: the credit operation results in savings in electricity costs for residential consumers, serving the economy itself for credit repayment.

This front is the fastest growing in fintech, with growth of 20% per month since 2021 and is made in partnership with Ecori, the market leader in solar generation, which offers the financing solution for its customers and business partners.

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