Networking is important in any space, says new Warner Music CEO

Networking is important in any space, says new Warner Music CEO

For Leila Oliveira, networking was an important tool in her 26-year career

10 years ago at Warner Music Brazil, Leila Oliveira now assumes the presidency of the company. for her, the networking it was fundamental to reach the top and is important at any time of the career. “In various aspects, whether external or internal, with peers from other areas or managers, for effective resolutions or for the exchange of best practices.”

Heading the Brazilian operation of a global entertainment and music label company, she gives importance to connections with teams in different territories to exchange experiences, best practices and joint strategies. “This networking has been key both to take our artists abroad and to keep up with the constant changes in this increasingly globalized world.”

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Forbes: You’ve been with the company for almost 10 years. Is home time an important factor in getting to the top?

Leila Oliveira: Generally speaking, I would say not necessarily, but in my case, it was. These 10 years gave me a very important foundation for the business. I started as a new business manager, went through the commercial department, then marketing and A&R (Artists and Repertoire) to the presidency. This path gave me a comprehensive view of the industry, our artists, our team here and abroad, and the processes involved. And I think that my growing trajectory in the company is an important point for people inside the company to realize that there is room to be promoted.

F: What characteristics of you do you think were essential to reach the presidency?

LO: Commitment, ability to adapt to changes, know how to work in a team and delegate. And passion for our business.

F: How did your training help you in your career? Is this important today or have the requirements changed?

LO: Training in business administration gave me a good foundation in business and business vision, which is still important. But I think that today there is a much wider range, which encompasses much more training and experiences. Having a multidisciplinary team, with different profiles and experiences, enriches the solutions and the discourse of what we have to offer. These distinct experiences add a lot to the business and give us more ability to adapt to today’s constant changes.

F: How do your previous career experiences contribute to the position you hold today?

LO: I started working in the production of events and advertising content, which require agility in the search for solutions and delivery. Then, in later passages, I would highlight the part of negotiation and analysis of results. And of course, people management, which for me is the basis of any leadership position.

F: What do you recommend for anyone who wants to work in the entertainment business?

LO: We went through numerous challenges of market evolution in a short time, from physical to digital, then download, followed by streaming, increasingly diverse platforms such as new tools for consumption and use of music, results and various communication strategies. All of this is constantly changing in our sector, which requires, in addition to training and experience, the ability to renew and adapt.

F: What do you look for when hiring a professional today?

LO: Good communication, proactivity, clarity and organization about objectives and results due to the high demand for information that we need to cross today and especially the ability to adapt due to the constant evolution of our market.

F: What do you observe in managing artists’ careers and take into your own career?

LO: Be true to your purpose, your identity and be an inspiration to other people. Working with artists involves people, feelings, diverse experiences, dreams and (many) expectations. Turning this into a result and making a difference is challenging and exciting. This is a wonderful exercise to apply to any career and even personal life.

F: What would you like to have learned earlier in your career that would have made it all easier?

LO: Put me really on the other side from every angle. The more we can understand the side of everyone involved in an issue, the better chances we have of being assertive and giving fluidity to any decision.

Which companies have you gone through?

TVA, Telefonica, Terra Networks and Warner Music


Business Administration

First job

Event Producer at PopCorn Marketing Promocional

first leadership position

TVA channel production manager

career time

26 years

Source: Forbes

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