Minimum Wage is R$ 1,212 and increase is rejected by government supporters in the Chamber

Minimum Wage is R$ 1,212 and increase is rejected by government supporters in the Chamber

THE minimum wage was set at R$ 1,212.00, according to the Provisional Measure (MP) approved by the Chamber of Deputies on Tuesday night (25). As approved, the MP considers the monetary correction by the National Consumer Price Index (INPC) from January to November 2021 and the inflation projection for December 2021, estimated by the technical area of ​​the Ministry of Economy.

In the decision, the ruling wing of Chamber of Deputies rejected the government’s opposition claim for a larger readjustment in the minimum wage.

The central argument for the wage increase was that inflation ‘eroded’ the purchasing power of most workers, and with the rise in the IPCA, a higher salary would be fairer.

The proposal was formalized via an amendment, proposed by the PT, but only the Citizenship party and the opposition voted in favor, losing the election to the pro-government acronyms, such as the Liberal Party (PL), of President Jair Bolsonaro, the PSDB and the MDB. . On the scoreboard, there were 222 votes against and 126 in favor.

“It’s a salary that we all know is not ideal, but it’s what we managed to reach”, said the government deputy, Bibo Nunes (PL-RS).

This PT amendment would raise the salary by R$ 39, aiming at an adjustment that would be based on the correction by the INPC added to the variation of the Gross Domestic Product GDP of the two previous years. Another of the 11 amendments intended to make this a rule for all subsequent years.

However, the rapporteur, deputy Greyce Elias (Avante-MG), suggested the rejection of all 11 amendments proposed in the Chamber and fully maintained the text of the MP, which was edited by the Executive Branch in January this year.

“The estimate is that each real increase in the minimum wage generates a direct increase, in 2022, of only R$ 15 million in social security collection, according to the Budget Guidelines Law Project (PLDO)”, said the parliamentarian.

despite the Minimum Wage MP having been approved in the House, the proposal must still be voted on by the Senate, which must approve it by June 1st – the project’s validity period.

If approved, the MP will sign the wage Minimum at a level similar to 2021 and with an increase of about 10% compared to the previous readjustment, since the amount of R$ 1,212 has been in effect since January 1 of this year, as approved by the legislative houses.

See speeches by deputies about the minimum wage

According to information compiled by Agência Câmara de Notícias, the leader of the PDT, deputy André Figueiredo (CE), stated that the Executive abandoned the policy of valuing the minimum wage.

“We cannot help but regret the discontinuity of a successful policy of increasing the minimum wage”, said the parliamentarian.

Opposition deputy Fernanda Melchionna (Psol-RS) argued that “the increase is better than nothing”, but that even with the readjustment, Brazilians still have a retraction in their purchasing power. “That 10% increase doesn’t even mean a cooking gas,” she said.

Congresswoman Clarissa Garotinho (União-RJ), in response to opposition criticism, highlighted that inflation is a global phenomenon, and that the government has ‘compensated’ for this loss of purchasing power with the social agenda, with Auxílio Brasil, minimum income program.

“Inflation is happening all over the world, including in countries that are ruled by the left. This data cannot be used opportunistically. The federal government is doing its part,” she said of the minimum wage.

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