Mexicana Luuna arrives in Brazil to fight in the box mattress market

Mexicana Luuna arrives in Brazil to fight in the box mattress market

Earning over R$300 million, Luuna also has operations in the United States. Mattresses will cost between R$1,599 to R$6,399

In recent years, even the traditional mattresses was shaken by the arrival of startups. More precisely, new businesses focused on the concept of bed in box, or literally, “bed in the box”.

Combining first-rate material with a technology that involves compression and vacuum packaging, the mattresses are reduced to one-fifth of their original size and easily loaded into 1 meter high boxes.

The option reduces the price of transport, facilitates the creation of completely online businesses and has been gaining the attention of entrepreneurs.

The newest company mattress in the box to land in Brazil is the Mexican Luna. Like one of its main competitors, Zissou, the inspiration of moon it was the american Casperone of the first to use the concept of bed in box.

“At the time, a group of friends and I had a generalist e-commerce in Mexico and, on a trip to the United States, they decided to import the business model. They already had experience with logistics and saw in the concept of bed in box something that would work perfectly for e-commerce”, explains Valter Roldao, director of moon in Brazil, who joined the company in 2020.

International expansion and own stores

However, aware that the unusual delivery model alone could not be the business differential, Roldao says that moon was concerned with innovating also in the manufacture of mattresses. The startup’s product development team, led by an aerospace engineer, carried out several material combination tests to find the formula that combined comfort and breathability in the mattresses. moon.

“We found, for example, that combining viscoelastic foams with other high-resistance foams results in more comfort and firmness. Apart from that, we developed seven types of treatments for mattresses, which prevent the proliferation of mites”, says Roldao.

Since then, the moon has already sold more than 500 thousand mattresses and has a turnover of more than R$ 300 million per year. Brazil is the second country on the startup’s international expansion route, which since 2019 also has operations in the United States. Here, mattresses will cost between R$1,599 and R$6,399.

“Going to the US was the natural way, due to the geographical proximity. In relation to Brazil, what caught our attention was the size of the market. There are 210 million people who need to sleep well”, says the executive.

Although it is a digital native brand, the moon also bets on physical retail to grow and, in all, has 40 stores of its own, in addition to partners who resell mattresses. And here it will be no different.

Although it is currently operating only with its own website, the idea is that, soon, the mattresses moon are also on the main marketplaces. And, by the end of the year, the first store in Brazil will be opened.

Even with more and more competitors, who also fight for the sleep of Brazilians, the moon has ambitious goals. THE startup intends to reach December with 100 employees in Brazil and, still in 2023, to earn more than R$ 100 million.

“Our competitors are all manufacturers of mattresses — the mattress in the box is just a more efficient way of delivering the product to the customer’s home. We are betting on three things to grow: product quality, shopping experience and logistical efficiency, something we have invested a lot in recent years”, concludes Roldao.

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