Meta event in Brazil calls influencers to spread the metaverse

Meta event in Brazil calls influencers to spread the metaverse

In the Latin American edition of the Meta Summit event, Mark Zuckerberg’s company celebrated the advances of its social networks, but made it clear that the next step is the creation of virtual worlds

During this week, the Meta, which controls Facebook, Instagram and WhatsAppheld its annual event in São Paulo Meta Summitthis time in person, and which featured an edition aimed at Brazil and Latin America.

The initiative invited agencies, content producers and influencers to learn about the innovations of Meta’s platforms and generate exclusive interactions with the company’s applications.

Senior executives from Meta in Brazil presented panels reporting on the resourcefulness of the latest social media updates, such as the Reels recommendation algorithm and the Instagram store service, but the metaverse, of course, permeated the entire event.

Seen with Meta’s next step, augmented reality (AR) together with mixed reality have already become resources pulverized in functions such as Instagram’s beauty filters and, more recently, 3D avatars, launched in Brazil on Monday, 23 .

According to the company, around 100 million people use AR technology every month in Latin America, a number that highlights the growth potential of the metaverse in the region.

“We were surprised to see that over 100 million people in Latin America are using AR effects every month, which is a reflection of the vibrant creator community that exists in Latin America,” explained Vishal Shah, Vice President of Metaverse in Meta.

In the case of avatars, which should serve as a stimulus for entering the metaverse, it is possible to use them as profile pictures, on Messenger, in stories, comments and other environments on Meta’s social networks.

However, the quiet announcement that the company has developed a version of the metaverse that doesn’t rely on VR glasses set the tone for what it will do as virtual worlds advance.

The initiative should guarantee an advantage for the company against competitors such as TikTok, controlled by the Chinese ByteDance, and which bought the VR glasses maker Pico, in August 2021, to package the creation of its own metaverse.

For Meta, the plan must now be to familiarize consumers with the new brand concept. And when judging how the event celebrated the good relationship with content producers, influencers will play an important role in the endeavor.

The function of those who have profiles full of fans and followers will be to pave the metaverse, in addition to the task of educating other professionals who will work there.

A plan that makes sense when Meta stipulates that in the near future at least 10,000 people in Latin America must have a Spark certification, the tool made available by Meta to train those who will create augmented reality and virtual reality (AR) and in the metaverse.

Whether Meta’s virtual world will work is a matter of time, but there is certainty that the company has dedicated itself to making everything a reality.

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