MEI will be capable to situation a service bill on the Simples Nacional Portal

MEI will be capable to situation a service bill on the Simples Nacional Portal

More than 13 million entrepreneurs should benefit

As of January 1, 2023, the Individual Microentrepreneurs (MEI) service providers may issue the Invoice of Electronic Services (NFS-e) in the Simple National Portal.

The option, of scope, should be available in an application for mobile devices and by communication service of the Application Programming Interface (API) type, according to a resolution of the Managing Committee of Simples Nacional (CGSN), published in the Official Gazette of the last Friday (29).

According to the Portal do Simples Nacional, taxpayers classified as MEI will soon have access to the application for issuing NFS-e on mobile devices.

Currently, the micro-entrepreneur is obliged to issue an invoice when the service is provided to companies.

The issuance will be optional until January 2023. To issue the document, you will need to fill in: CPF or CNPJ number of the borrower, service and value.

After the invoice is issued by the provider, a push service (notification on the device’s screen) sends the invoice directly to the borrower’s mobile device, which can view all NFS-e received.

The NFS-e must not be used for the activities of commercialization of goods and services with incidence of ICMS. But the change is expected to also include MEIs that sell goods. The measure is expected to be implemented in April next year.

The issuance of NFS-e for individuals remains optional.

The Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service (Sebrae) explains that, when the MEI issues the NFS-e, it will be exempt from the Electronic Declaration of Services, as well as the municipal tax document related to the ISS referring to the same operation or provision.

“The MEI NFS-e will be valid throughout the country and will be sufficient to justify and establish the tax credit, in addition to dispensing with digital certification for authentication and signature of the issued document”, adds Sebrae.

According to the manager of public policies at Sebrae, Silas Santiago, the change will make life easier for micro-entrepreneurs, since currently each municipality has a different rule for issuing invoices. “It will be much easier. Each municipality has its regulations. There are municipalities that allow the issuance of a separate online note, many require prior registration or digital certificate, others do not have any regulations,” he said.

According to Sebrae, more than 13 million entrepreneurs can benefit.

Source: Agência Brasil

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