Meet the “Netflix of well being” that may actually have a neurologist from Harvard for R$ 39

Meet the “Netflix of well being” that may actually have a neurologist from Harvard for R$ 39

Platform created by Puravida, a brand specializing in natural products, expects 25,000 signatures by the end of 2023

Have you ever thought of a “Netflix of Health” that offers content on nutrition, psychology, physical education and pharmaceuticals, in addition to neurologists, cardiologists and endocrinologists? This is exactly the proposal of Puravida Prime, a subscription platform that will be launched this weekend — with a goal of 100 classes by 2023 — with a monthly fee of R$39 (promotionally offered at R$19).

“Over the past two years, we had more than 25 thousand people in each class we offer online and more than 10 million views on YouTube, in addition to more than 15 thousand students in the Longevity Project. Puravida Prime is the evolution of our education proposal, with content designed and recorded exclusively for our platform”, says Adrian Franciscono, CEO of Puravida.

And the list of experts includes names like Roberta Carbonari, a master in nutrition and specializing in eating behavior; Gabriel Prado, a Harvard-trained neurologist who works at the Albert Einstein Hospital; Alessandra Feltre, nutritionist, head of nutrition at Puravida and partner at Green UP; and Antonio Carlos Minuzzi, endocrinologist member of the Growth Hormone Research Society.

But, well before putting together this team — or dedicating itself to the new education platform — Puravida arrived in the Brazilian market about seven years ago with products obtained in a sustainable way. Currently, the portfolio has more than 200 productsfrom concentrated supplements and proteins to personal care cosmetics (like vegan conditioners or toothpastes).

“Educating and helping to transform people’s health and well-being has always been a value proposition and what has marked the close relationship with our consumers. AND, since the creation of the brand, we have always valued content in a clear, scientific basis and easy to understandwhether with face-to-face lectures, free online events, lives and thematic courses”, says Franciscono.

Check out the interview with Adrian Franciscono, CEO of Puravida

Who should be the target audience of the new platform?

“All people interested in learning in a simple way and going on a nice journey in search of health and well-being can benefit from Puravida Prime. In addition to relevant content, we have a highly user-friendly system, with the best usability in terms of class and content platform. We still gather podcasts, blogssupport books, e-booksa strong community with the same interests, as well as interesting services that can help the consumer on this important journey”.

Are there plans to partner with other companies?

“Puravida Prime has a long way to grow. In the initial stage, the platform consolidates itself as the best option for those who choose to be healthy — in a systemic way, that is, the content transcends the area of ​​nutrition, reaching a series of other important aspects in the construction of health, such as longevity, sleep, stress management, movement and behavior.

It is important to remember that one of the main premises of this project is the appreciation of the importance of health professionals in this path. In a second step, we have plans to be closer to other brands and companies that share the same purpose as Puravida to help us multiply knowledge about health and well-being and the number of people impacted.”

What is the expected signatures at the end of 2023?

“We estimate to end the year 2023 with more than 25 thousand active subscriptions. However, betting on the effect halo and in the great quality and value of the service we will offer, we believe we can surpass that number, confirming people’s growing interest in learning more about nutrition and its great impact on health and life expectancy”.

Is any direct effect expected on the demand for Puravida products?

“We do not expect any impact on demand for the brand’s products. Prime is independent, it reinforces our positioning”content first” and our goal with this project is to reach a point where the conscious consumer is better able to make their choices. Both the daily choices related to your diet, time for physical exercise, sleep hygiene or stress control, as well as choices of the best strategies and supplements for your health, always with the follow-up of a specialized health professional”.

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