M&A in proptechs: Vivalisto buys Flity and desires to triple base of realtors

M&A in proptechs: Vivalisto buys Flity and desires to triple base of realtors

Vivalisto proptech intends to earn more than R$ 3 million in the first year of operation with the new platform

the proptech Vivalistwhich offers a platform with end-to-end tools for realtors and small real estateannounces this Tuesday, 9th, the acquisition of flirty, startup that provides technology for realtors to position themselves in the digital environment. Flity’s great differential is the offer of free tools and services.

With the acquisition, proptech surpasses 20 million reais of valuation and intends earn more than 3 million reais in the first year of operation with the new platform.

Founded in 2019, Vivalisto plans to reach more than 10 thousand brokers until the end of the year. For 2023, the expectation is to have more than 30 thousand active professionals in the base.

What does Flity do?

“Flity helps brokers and small real estate companies before handshakes with the client; and Vivalisto after the handshake”. This is how CEO Eduardo Menegatti describes the proptech merger.

While the flirty develops website, logo and brand for small realtors and brokers, Vivalisto offers services used in closing a deal, such as document signing, customer analysis, legal assistance, among others.

Vivalisto was looking for a startup to offer more business efficiency for its customers and manage to increase its capillarity. Upon meeting Flity, founded in 2020, both had the same purpose: Empower small realtorswhich are a large part of the market.

“After creating an account, the broker can create his professional website for free and register as many properties as he wants. He will only pay if he wants a more personalized page”, says Jota Baptista, CMO and partner at Vivalisto.

“The platform eliminates several costs from the process. The customer is focused on making sales. Vivalisto charges between 6% and 10% of the commission if the broker uses any service with a specialist”, completes the CEO.

How the acquisition can be useful to Vivalisto

Vivalisto’s objective is to grow with consistency and offer in the same environment technological tools, support and backoffice services, new business opportunities and education. Thus, professionals can dedicate themselves to the customer experience.

“In one place, professionals can now have all the support they need to become a successful brand and business. We are doing something unprecedented by making available for free what is currently expensive for brokers, that is, tools for managing clients, real estate, website, among others”, concludes Jota Baptista, Co-founder and CEO of Flity and now, CMO of Vivalisto.

The startup understands that the profile of the realtor has changed. Today, professionals are younger, independent and have less information on legal and documentary aspects.

“We decided to join forces to offer more technological, educational and personalized tools in a single environment, to provide more convenience and ease, and from that, increase sales. With the platform, it is possible for professionals to access the tools they need to leverage their business”, says Eduardo Menegatti, CEO of Vivalisto.

What are the services offered by Vivalisto

The new platform of Vivalist offers brokers:

  • free access tools and services that range from the creation of a personal brand and its own website;
  • Client and property management system and integrations with other platforms and partnerships;
  • Legal and administrative support;
  • Educational content and training in the use of new technologies;

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