Localiza modifications its title and launches a brand new company model after merging with Unidas

Localiza modifications its title and launches a brand new company model after merging with Unidas

The company will also undergo business restructuring in addition to the vehicle leasing and sales service

Two years after the announcement of the merger with Unidas, the car rental company find will be called Locate&Co. In addition to the “rebranding” of the corporate name, the company will also undergo a business restructuring beyond the vehicle rental and sale service, with the launch of three other brands focused on serving companies and app drivers.

According to the president of the company, Bruno Lasanskythe company’s new corporate brand has been developed for at least a year, and it was only possible after the business combination with United, which made it possible to reach leadership in the market, with more points across the country and a significant number of talents coming from the company. “It’s a combination of businesses, where you can add these teams and have leadership in the market, reaching other segments of this type of business”, says the president.

As disclosed by the company, the process of introducing the new brand to the market should take place in a phased manner in 2023. “Starting next year we will start taking the brand to customer experience points, changing store logos and modifying the our images”, says Antônio Augusto, marketing director at Localiza&Co.

After the merger, in 2020, the company became the business with the largest number of branches in the country, with operations in 364 municipalities, 205 of which it is the only competitor in the sector. Currently, the company’s market value is R$ 56 billion in the domestic market.

“We want this new brand to strengthen the internal culture and the connection with different corporate audiences, from employees and partners to our investors”, points out the CEO.

In the evaluation of Eduardo Tomiya, by TM20 Branding, the restructuring of the company’s image should boost Localiza’s entry into other markets, expanding its portfolio of services. “They are heading towards the same case as the Boticário Groupwhich are brands that manage to break the barrier of the category, going to other segments and other markets, which makes the company’s performance stronger”, says the specialist.

Tomiya also adds that, to complete the rebranding process, Localiza&Co will have to invest in its communication to get the new corporate brand off the ground and take it to customers. Despite the announcement of the new visual identity, the company did not inform the amount invested to make the new brand viable.

New brands and new services

In addition to presenting a new visual identity to the company, the launch of Localiza&Co also represents a new phase for the business, which tries to expand its operations beyond passenger car rentals with the launch of new brands.

From now on, Localiza&Co will also have under its umbrella Localiza Empresas, to boost leasing for corporate customers -such as trucks and fleet cars-, Zarp, for application drivers, and Eqip, focused on workshop work. “We want to be a complete mobility solutions company, not just a car rental company,” says Lasansky.

With the change, Localiza&Co starts to operate with a focus not only on leasing, but on the entire mobility area, such as in the subscription car segment, corporate rental, fleet outsourcing, agribusiness vehicles, heavy truck fleet -such as trucks of cargo transport-, among others.

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