Lize Bartelli: “To do the repetitive as a result of it labored is to accept success”

Lize Bartelli: “To do the repetitive as a result of it labored is to accept success”

THE plastic artist Lize Bartelli he wakes up and starts painting, often still in his pajamas, in the studio he has set up in his house. Brazilian living in London, she breathes art from an early age and in different ways – she has been an actress, worked in fashion, writes and, in recent years, found herself in the visual arts. “I don’t see myself working with anything that isn’t creative,” she explains.

With two diplomas in her curriculum (one in performing arts from Casa das Artes in Laranjeiras, the other in philosophy from PUC, in Rio), Lize started her path in painting five years ago, an activity to which she has been fully dedicated for three years. “I started painting because I need a creative outlet. I had never felt so complete. It sounds cliché, but it’s true.”

The results of the new artistic journey can be seen from the 20th of October, in its first solo exhibitionat Simões Assis Galleryin Sao Paulo. There, she exhibits the series of portraits “Skeleton Closet”, which proposes a discussion about the women’s position in society – a constant theme in his reflections and expressions.

Attention is drawn to the use of vivid colors, including on the skins. “The show is about the cycle of life, and people are perishing day by day. This is not necessarily a negative, but it encourages us to take advantage of the time we have, which is limited,” she reveals.

In addition to producing, Lize also collects art, but only works by women artists – which, according to her, is a conscious choice for change in an area still very dominated by men.

Next, Lize answers the “The Successful Woman” quiz.

What does success mean to you today?

Success, first of all, depends on your stage of life. The older we get, the more we remember that success is having time and health, the greatest privileges in life. Success is being able to use your time and health with things that are good for you. And if you can find it professionally, then you will be a success too. Being successful is not synonymous with success.

Which person, for you, translates the idea of ​​success today? Because?

THE [artista] Marina Simão, a friend who is doing well in her career and is super comfortable in her own skin! I admire her a lot.

A quality that all successful women have in common, in your opinion?

We live in a society that is still very sexist. The successful woman has to have perseverance and courage to go against the standards.

What’s the best advice, personal or professional, you’ve ever heard in your life?

“The more you practice, the luckier you are.” It’s a very good phrase. I believe in luck and fate, but you have to help yourself.

What’s in your field of vision every day when you sit at your desk?

Today my studio is in my house. I have a studio that overlooks a garden – it’s all glass and has a lot of canvases – there’s a lot of paint, an organized mess. It’s a mess I don’t think it’s a mess, but if someone messes it up it’s a mess [risos].

One thing you would change about your profession?

I also collect and make a point of collecting only female artists. Nowadays we already have a bigger space, but it’s still little – there’s still a lot of imbalance, I would change that.

When was the last time you had a “eureka” moment?

I have several, but I have and then I think it was not such a good idea. I have three ideas for the next series, but I chose that the next one is going to be a series of portraits of my mother, because it’s been 10 years since she died. And it has everything to do with my work, which is about women, motherhood… It’s a subject that interests me a lot.

What was the biggest challenge of your professional career?

When my mother passed away, I was starting my master’s degree, and it was very difficult to continue. I’m proud that I managed to finish it.

How to deal when plans fail?

It’s human to be upset when things don’t go as planned, both personally and professionally. Perhaps the secret is not to create too much expectation. There is a big difference between expectation and hope – so having hope instead of expectation is a good way to go.

What have you given up in your personal life, in the name of professional success?

I’ve stopped doing a lot in the name of professional life. I’ve always been very focused, but you need a certain maturity for every stage of your life. The career for me has always been very important, but with balance.

What will you never give up in the name of success?

I’m not going to give up my values, because then it’s no longer success for me. Today, I envision myself as a prolific artist. I make a series with this aesthetic and I want to keep my identity. I find it interesting, for example, like Adriana Varejão, who is always experimenting and doesn’t stay in a certain “mold” of success. I don’t feel like it and I don’t see myself doing something repetitive because it worked. This is settling into your success.

Skeleton Closet

Date: October 20th to December 3rd

Time: 10 am to 7 pm from Monday to Friday; Saturday from 10 am to 3 pm.

Place: Simões de Assis Gallery

Address: Rua Sarandi, 113a – Cerqueira César, São Paulo

Free entrance

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