LinkedIn for the medical space, startup receives BRL 3 million in funding and expands enterprise mannequin

LinkedIn for the medical space, startup receives BRL 3 million in funding and expands enterprise mannequin

The investment will be used for the implementation of a marketplace. With payments circulating through the platform, Sinaxys projects that it will move around BRL 3.7 billion in 2027

The mining company Sinaxys received a contribution of BRL 3 million and aims high to reach an aggressive goal in 2027: to move BRL 3.7 billion in GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume) on its platform. The startup works with a niche LinkedIn for the health area and publicizing vacancies for clients such as hospitals, medical clinics and telemedicine platforms for recruiting medical professionals from its tool.

For the investment round, the company raised funds from the TIAA holding company, an investment vehicle for partners of the Cartão de Todos and AmorSaúde groups. The inflow of capital will allow the hrtech take it a step further and expand your business model by implementing a marketplace.

In the current format, based on monthly subscriptions, the startup helps its customers in communicating vacancies and recruiting professionals. Payment is the responsibility of the contractors.

What will be done with the money

With the expansion of the business, the startup starts to offer a process similar to that of Uber and iFood. It will concentrate all the payment on the platform and will make all the financial arrangements with the doctors.

“With this, the professional will be able to anticipate the receivable, organize ongoing contracts, be clear about where he receives more or less and will also be able to obtain credit release. We circulate these payments through the platform”, says Bernardo Cunha, partner and VP of New Business at the company.

It is from the product that the startup, with valuation of R$ 20 million pre-contribution, projects such high numbers. In 2023, the partners work with an annual GMV of R$ 30 million, a figure that would rise to more than R$ 407 million in 2024. thousand.

In the account, they already state that many of the current 100 clients, including Clínica da Cidade, Conexa Telemedicina, AmorSaúde, RCS and Afya-IPEMED, will use the new model, scheduled for August 2023.

How the company was born

Before becoming a “medical LinkedIn”, the company used appeal from the world of large startups to define itself, “Airbnb of health”. That’s because it was born in 2017, in Minas Gerais, offering medical office sublease services to other professionals in the area.

The idea came from the brothers Vinicius and Guilherme Nastrini. Doctors, the two realized that the cost of setting up an office was very high and, on the other hand, many friends in the area had to close their workplaces every time they left to work on duty or attend hospitals, leaving the space vacant.

The opportunity, seen at first, turned out not to be a business with potential. They understood that patients had an identification relationship with the spaces where they were treated and the format did not help. The startup operated only in Belo Horizonte, capital of Minas Gerais, and had a modest income, between R$ 10,000 and R$ 15,000 per month.

“It was at this moment that we realized the need to pivot”, says Vinicius Nastrini, founding partner and CEO of the company. In conversations with Cunha, a childhood friend and investor in health areas such as medical clinics and opticians, they pivoted the business to the current model in 2019. Ricardo Cunha, Bernardo’s father, also entered the business, distributing a stake of around 25% for each one.

After all the adjustments, market research and website and app development, the startup resurfaced in August 2021. It is currently in the states in the three southern states and in São Paulo, Minas and Rio de Janeiro, in the southeast.

The next movements pass through the entrance in all the capitals of the northeast and also of Espírito, closing the southeast region, and also the Federal District.

“When we enter a state, we take the vacancies available [pelos nossos clientes], we launched into the market and started running marketing and traffic campaigns so that these vacancies reach professionals,” says Cunha. Since the beginning of the operation, Sinaxys has already advertised more than 3,600 vacancies for which it received more than 12,000 applications.

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