Is disruption spontaneous combustion?  – BizNews Brasil :: Information of Mergers and Acquisitions of Firms

Is disruption spontaneous combustion? – BizNews Brasil :: Information of Mergers and Acquisitions of Firms

We live in the moment of disruptions. New habits, new ways of doing old tasks. Is it because we are tired of what is/was, or because technology comes up with something fascinating and changes everything?

Taxi, Uber

Uber or 99 (or others like that) replace taxis, AirBnB takes the place of a country house or a hotel, and so on.

Was it the market that got angry with the old practices and detonated the taxi, for example, or was it some new technology that understood how to improve the purchase journey?

The answer is simple: a combination of the two. Sometimes one or more of the other.

The spontaneous combustion that changes the way of acting and consuming can start because the consumer has realized that there is already an alternative that can be better. So far so good. It might even be enough to try something new, when we didn’t have anything else in place. But not to abandon a brand.


Let me explain: this usually occurs when you don’t detonate something old. Want an example? to Alexa. A lot of people now ask Alexa to say the weather forecast, turn on the light or TV, play a song, write something down on the shopping list. But we didn’t replace an old Alexa grandma machine.

We just started to count on something new and, of course, sensational. We don’t give up anything because of this wonderful device.

But in the case of taxi, even knowing the beauty of the car calling app, we wouldn’t change so readily if we were happy with what there was before Uber and the like.

In this case, just knowing the new technology wouldn’t necessarily make us change what we’ve been doing for a long time (if I say decades I end up revealing my age…), and on top of that, risking ourselves in a vehicle with a driver we don’t know, which offers us water and jellybeans. . Weren’t we polite to avoid getting into strangers’ cars and accepting candies and water?

Brand is required

And why do we jump into Uber and abandon the taxi?

Yes, technology has changed the journey a lot. Much better. We could already think that this would be the explanation. But the internal combustion of dissatisfaction moved the spark and made us detonate what existed.

There is another element that provided us with the guarantee that the adventure was not crazy (I missed that word): the construction of a brand that guaranteed the experience and made the consumer trust that new service.

3 elements

So, there are 3 elements, in case we abandon a brand or a form of consumer that involves something existing: some dissatisfaction that already bothers, some alternative that seems to improve the journey, a brand that guarantees the adventure of change.

And if the disruptive novelty just adds a new possibility, as I mentioned to Alexa above, just have a tempting promise that doesn’t include (too many) risks.

Isn’t it disruptive that you’re reading this article on a screen rather than a paper vehicle? Better that way, no?

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