Instituto Plano de Menina reveals what younger ladies anticipate from work

Instituto Plano de Menina reveals what younger ladies anticipate from work

When talking about the future of work, “Women’s Universe” is the most representative dimension in social networks, as revealed by the research of the Instituto Plano de Menina in partnership with the consultancy Wiz&Watcher. In a 30-day analysis, 87,000 mentions of the topic were made, ie 17.25% of the total.

In addition, belonging is extremely important for young people. women from 18 to 25 years old, considering aspects such as having work as a means to get what you want and to make dreams come true, at the same time you experience a moment of maturation (working to support yourself financially) and resignation (giving up if you do what you like).

Data from Cia de Talentos confirm that 30% value experiences that support growth and make them feel part of the company. However, 43% agree that the company can do more to be inclusive and diverse.

“We’re not just talking about a new job or a new company, we’re talking about a new world, where belonging is a key issue. Girls want to feel included and for companies to develop activities in which they feel recognized and part of the company”, points out an excerpt from the report (see details below).

Officially, the launch of the research takes place this Saturday, 29, during the fifth edition of the Plano de Menina Festival, at Masp, in São Paulo. The festival is a celebration of Instituto Plano de Menina, created by journalist and social communicator Viviane Duarte in 2016, to promote self-esteem, confidence and protagonism of girls across Brazil.

After training, the girls are connected with job and study opportunities, and 3,000 girls have already participated in face-to-face courses in 10 Brazilian states. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the journeys have taken place virtually, with more than 2 million girls impacted and more than 115 hired at global companies such as Ambev, The Body Shop, Unilever and others.

Girl Plan Festival

“Programming is made by and for girls, with panels and conversations by the students who are part of the project, telling their journeys of carrying out plans that transformed their realities and also those of their families, by hacking the system and conquering new spaces”, says Vivi. Duarte.

The panels will address topics such as career and self-esteem and will also feature the participation of personalities such as the writer Ryane Leão, Samantha Almeida, creative director at Globo, Tatiana Vasconcellos, journalist at CBN, Raquel Virgína, CEO at Nhaí, and Eliane Dias, entrepreneur from Racionais MC and a lawyer who also plays the role of Counselor of the Institute. In addition to music with Bia Doxum, Amanda Lyra and Abloom – a participant in the Institute who, today, pursues an artistic career -, the female fanfare group As Obscenics and poetry with Slam das Minas.

In addition, during the event, Instituto Plano de Menina will launch a Talent Bank. A connection platform between girls and companies for job opportunities, as well as training, knowledge and much more.

“The last two years have been very challenging for all of us, but especially for women and girls on the periphery. Still, we kept our actions active, helping and empowering our girls. As a result, we have incredible hires at global companies that have changed the lives of girls and families. Therefore, the Festival this year comes with a special motivation of reunion and resilience. Show how much we keep overcoming barriers and making it happen, and also, what the future of these girls in the job market will be from now on”, says Vivi Duarte.

The event features brands Hershey’s, which will bring the story of women from the HERSHE campaign, Banco Pan, holding a personal branding workshop, The Body Shop, with a case of contracting girls from the Institute, and Intel, offering mentorship with leaders from company. Alpargatas, Amaro, Ben&Jerrys, Share Student Living, Eudora and BETC are also present as supporters.

Tickets are free and available until October 29th or when sold out.

Girls and the future of work

In partnership with the consultancy Wiz&Watcher, the survey “Girls and the future of work” will be published. Through a proprietary Big Data tool that monitors changes in society’s themes through a tagging of more than 1200 themes, Wiz&Watcher brought insights into the relationship with the labor market, with a deepening in the female universe, which represents the largest analyzed dimension – 17.25% (more than 87 thousand data in one month). Young people aged between 18 and 25, who are part of the Plano de Menina program, were also interviewed, and an analysis of data from the “Carreira dos Sonhos 2022” survey, carried out by Cia de Talentos (a selection of young people between 20 and 25 years old, class C, Brazil).

When thinking of a leader of the future, girls yearn for someone with a holistic look, who sees beyond work, are strong women, who influence and defend their points of view. Names such as Michelle Obama, Gabriela Priori and Boca Rosa were mentioned.

Source: Exam

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