Incomes 23 million, startup from Jundiaí needs to turn into the Gympass of magnificence

Incomes 23 million, startup from Jundiaí needs to turn into the Gympass of magnificence

Founded in 2018, UAU Box grew as a subscription club, but now it wants to bring its experience in the area of ​​beauty and technology to the corporate benefits market.

In times of the Great Layoff, companies are eager for different benefits packages as a way to attract and retain talent. And it is by betting on that that the WOW groupout of the blue WOWBox, cosmetics subscription club, is betting on launching a product that wants to be a kind of “gympass” of beauty.

In summary, the idea of WOW Benefits is to use the company’s experience as a subscription club for the B2B market. With monthly fees that cost between R$ 79 and R$ 154.90, companies can opt for different plans.

In one, it will be possible to offer the subscription club service on a recurring basis, with a percentage subsidized by the company and another paid by the employee, as with the benefit of the Gympass. The box format will follow the same as the kits for the final consumer and will have four to five products from brands such as L’OCCITANE au Brésil, Natura and Eudora.

Another option will be to hire the service only on special occasions, such as commemorative dates, when companies want to present employees with personalized boxes with name, company logo and other messages they wish.

According to Guilherme Brunhole, CEO and co-founder of WOW groupthe idea of ​​the service as a corporate benefit emerged in March of this year, when the company was approached by human resources managers interested in offering personalized boxes to employees on the occasion of Women’s Day.

“We sold more than a thousand boxes spontaneously, only to those companies and partners that sought us out. We already had gift cards, but we saw an unexplored market there,” she says.

With the advancement of Burnout and other mental illnesses, one of the trends in the area of ​​people management is also betting on benefits related to well-being – something that is on the entrepreneur’s radar.

“With the home-office routine and work invading people’s homes, many are missing moments of self-care, of looking at themselves. UAU Benefits is a way of rescuing that self-esteem for employees, in a different way than what already exists in the market”, says Brunhole.

UAU Box is a beauty products subscription club, products are customized according to customer feedback (Pineapple Studio/Disclosure)

The entrepreneur admits, however, that the bet on the new service has a calculated risk, since the product will be a kind of derivation of the subscription club, beautytech’s main source of income today.

“The investment to deliver this new service will be very low, we already have the entire structure of logistics, partnerships and suppliers for the acquisition of products. Same thing if I look at customer acquisition cost. When closing a contract with a company, I will already have several potential ones, which dilutes this expense”, says Brunhole.

How UAU Box and Grupo UAU came about

The launch of the service for the B2B market is in line with the startup’s strategy that, in recent years, has sought to diversify its business. Before UAU Benefits, the company launched two new divisions, BeautyUAU, an own skincare line, and UAUTeam, a platform for micro and nano content creators, which mixes networking with an affiliate program.

Founded in 2018, in Jundiaí, by Brunhole, who is a computer scientist, along with his brother and three friends, WOW Box grew by combining the use of data and machine learning for the beauty market.

The entire experience of the advantages club consumers is monitored from the beginning of the subscription, which includes a form with detailed information about skin type, hair and preferences, which will guide the products that will go in the box.

Then, with each submission, a form is sent to customers to collect feedback from each of them and measure their level of satisfaction with the items. According to Brunhole, in all, more than 4 million data were collected over the four years of existence of the WOWBox. And, in all, 700,000 boxes were shipped in that period.

The use of technology helped Brunhole create the beauty, with one face mask made entirely from information collected within the database of the WOW Box. In addition, according to the entrepreneur, it is one of the reasons for the growth of the company, which jumped from R$4.5 million in 2019 to R$23 million in 2021.

“All this time, we grew up without external resources, in the so-called boostraping. And, precisely for that reason, we are prepared for this moment in the technology market. We will focus on increasing the quality of the services offered and diversifying the business without major investments”, he concludes.

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