Improved entry to credit score marks the yr for entrepreneurs

Improved entry to credit score marks the yr for entrepreneurs

Initiatives such as PEAC, Fampe and Pronampe accelerated and facilitated access to emergency and support lines for entrepreneurs; remember

For most Brazilians, 2022 began with an air of renewal and hope, with the prospect of leaving the pandemic behind and focusing on the future. Entrepreneurs, in particular, were waiting for the chance to open their doors again safely and register more sales. A gradual recovery was possible thanks to the easing of health restrictions and important measures aimed at small businesses, such as paving a large credit route for entrepreneurs and improving the business environment.

In the financial area, in 2022 micro and small companies (MSEs) are also celebrating the approval of the Debt Payment Rescheduling Program within the scope of Simples Nacional (Relp), a new debt installment program for MSEs of Simples Nacional, including MEI.

Initiatives such as Emergency Credit Access Program 🇧🇷PEAC), from the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES), which should release up to R$ 22 billion by 2024; the Support Fund for Micro and Small Companies (Fampe), managed by Sebrae; and the National Support Program for Micro and Small Businesses (Pronampe), whose new phase began in July, gave more impetus to individual microentrepreneurs (MEI) and owners of micro and small companies during this year.

For the president of Sebrae, Carlos Melles, a more accessible credit market for small businesses can guarantee more economic and social development in the country. “Micro and small companies have already shown that, to the extent that they receive support from efficient public policies, they are able to respond immediately with the generation of new jobs, increased income generation and tax collection. It is necessary to evolve in the availability and granting of credit directed and encouraged to small businesses, reducing the cost, bureaucracy and guarantee requirements, also seeking to simplify documentation ”, he emphasizes.

Improving the business environment was also an achievement for entrepreneurs in 2022. Those who decided to own their own business in July of this year spent, on average, 1 day and two hours to be able to open the company. This is the lowest average time ever recorded by the Mapa das Empresas panel under the management of the Special Secretariat for Productivity and Competitiveness (Sepec) of the Ministry of Economy. In addition, other advances to make life easier for entrepreneurs gained prominence, such as the digitization of public services and the improvement of the Statute of MSEs (Complementary Law 123/2006).

Source: Sebrae Agency

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