iFood and Sebrae supply free coaching programs for eating places

iFood and Sebrae supply free coaching programs for eating places

Partnership has five learning paths to help partners enhance business management and increase delivery sales

In the week of Entrepreneur’s Day, celebrated on October 5th, the iFood offers new courses free training for restaurant entrepreneurs.

In partnership with the Sebraethe company selected approximately 40 courses and created five learning paths to help partners leverage the business management and increase the delivery sales.

Completely free of charge, entrepreneurs can expand their knowledge in:

  • Financial management, which focuses on optimizing business operations and profitability
  • Digital marketing, with practical tools to gain visibility and win more customers
  • Restaurant management, which presents tactics to achieve operational excellence
  • People management and team building
  • Entrepreneurship and formalization, with insights into successful businesses

“The project focuses on working in bars and restaurants, one of the audiences with the largest number of small businesses, in addition to providing training in the most challenging themes for those who are in charge of a business in this segment”, says Adriana Menegaz, analyst in the area of Sebrae’s competitiveness.

The trails last up to 20 hours and can be completed within a month.

Discover the modules of the five free learning paths:

1. Financial Management Course


To train entrepreneurs to work in the finance area, aiming at strengthening the small business network, through management, mathematics and financial strategy content essential for successful cost control and business growth. Access here.


  • Financial planning for bars and restaurants in the post-pandemic period;
  • Working capital: learn what it is and how to do it;
  • How to use financial indicators in decision making;

2. Digital Marketing Course


Train entrepreneurs in digital marketing, through the approach of strategies, planning, tools, customer success, use of search engines and the social network Instagram. At the end of this path, you will be able to improve the management and integration of marketing and sales teams and how to take the next step, creating your own digital marketing department. Access here.


  • First steps for your company to have a digital presence;
  • Create email marketing to attract more customers;
  • Use Whatsapp Business to keep sales;
  • 5 tips to attract more customers using social media;

3. Restaurant Management Course


To train entrepreneurs to act in the management axis, aiming at the consolidation of operational excellence within the company, through content on process improvement, food safety, menu preparation and supplier management. Access here.


  • The strategic strength of delivery services;
  • How to organize an efficient delivery;
  • Delivery: the service option that can save your business.

4. People Management and Team Building Course


Train entrepreneurs in people management, aiming at the formation and development of high performance teams, through leadership, communication and personnel development content, essential for the optimization of business results. Access here.


  • Leadership in team management;
  • Team building as a successful strategy;
  • Team management as a competitive differentiator;
  • Recipe for success: team and service.

5. Entrepreneurship and formalization course


To train entrepreneurs in the axis of activity and entrepreneurial culture, aiming to present the way to transform ideas into successful businesses. In addition, it aims to present entrepreneurs with the benefits and procedures for formalizing their business. Access here.


  • Innovation and agility: the future of entrepreneurship;
  • How to plan your business;
  • Recipe for success: your business on the right track;
  • How to formalize your business as an individual microentrepreneur;
  • How to become an individual microentrepreneur;
  • Simple national.

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