How will your job be transformed by the Metaverse?  For 55% of consumers, life is already digital

How will your job be transformed by the Metaverse? For 55% of consumers, life is already digital

Breaking down the barriers of the physical world, 90% of retail executives say that leading organizations want to make the virtual world more and more real for their customers; and your job will be transformed by it.

By enabling new ways of working, the metaverse promises to be a true watershed in the labor market. Although we are not yet experiencing the democratization of virtual reality, most positions are already demanding greater technological knowledge and many jobs, such as airline pilots, physical store clerks, and doormen, are being phased out as technology advances.

Since the pandemic, corporate dynamics were already undergoing changes such as the use of videoconferencing tools and online collaboration, due to the home office. But it was not just out of necessity that companies chose to invest in technology.

The possibility of creating new products, services and even companies within the internet has attracted the eyes of the biggest companies in the world, such as Meta, Microsoft and Nike, which have already invested millions in material and staff to develop their own technologies within the metaverse.

However, one doubt remains: “What do I need to understand about the metaverse to stay in the job market? After all, is my job in danger?”

How will the metaverse change the job market?

THE generation Z, represented by all those born between 1995 and 2010, it was already 31.5% of the world’s population in 2019. In the job market, these young people aged between 27 and 20 now fill most of the positions, especially in technology and communication companies . While for the old generation there was a clear difference between what was real and what was virtual, for the new generation of workers, who were born in the boom of technology, the two realities merge constantly.

It is no wonder that, according to a survey by AlmapBBDO, 20% of generation Z prefer to work at home, 16% in a corporate office and 38% see no difference between these two options.

According to a global survey by Accenture, 90% of retail executives say leading organizations will push the boundaries of the virtual world to make it more and more real, which increases the need for seamless integration and navigation between the digital and physical worlds.

The age of the metaverse has already begun for companies

According to Jull Standish, managing director and global head of Retail at Accenture, the age of metaversehas begun and for consumer-oriented companies; This is not a simple question of yes or no, but of as embark on this new wave”.

Increasingly, managers understand that a successful business must be able to meet the digital needs of new consumers. According to the same survey, 55% of them agree that their lives and livelihoods are migrating to digital spaces. In addition, 83% of consumers show interest in making shopping by the Metaverse.

The professional of the future will be in the metaverse

In this scenario, companies – mainly those focused on consumers, consumer goods and education – realized the need to increase your investments teamwork and technology focused on immersive realities.

Second Izabela Anholett, CTO (Director of Technology) at EXAME with more than 15 years of experience in the market, “Many professions, such as telemarketer, supermarket cashier, driver and IT support analyst, can disappear with the advancement of these metaverse technologies. But if we think about professions that will change and will need to adapt, will be all”.

Many companies have already understood that the path to success is to be in this new digital world. However, they face a big problem: being a recent technology, there are still few professionals trained to implement it within companies. For Anholett, those who anticipate and start to delve into the subject will now be able to occupy the best spaces.

How to specialize in the Metaverse?

With an eye on the growing relevance of the metaverse in the corporate world (and the enormous opportunity this represents for companies and professionals), EXAME Academy and Ibmec, one of the most traditional business schools in the country, developed the Master in Digital Manager and Metaverse.

At the postgraduate level, the course has a strong teaching group (comprised of market professionals), which includes EXAME’s CTO, Izabela Anholett. The material also has more than 90 hours of practical activities. Learn more here.

So that interested parties can know the content before buying it, the first 4 classes of the training will be available 100% free of charge from the 11th of July. The content will be delivered online and has Izabela Anholett as a teacher. Everyone who participates will be entitled to a certificate of participation – regardless of whether or not they decide to take the full course. To participate, simply register by clicking here or the button below.

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