How to sell more on Father’s Day: 3 tips to boost your sales

How to sell more on Father’s Day: 3 tips to boost your sales

Data from Acqio, a fintech of payment solutions, reveals that sales on that date already exceed Mother’s Day

O Father’s Day is the first commercial date of the second semester and has gained more and more relevance compared to other dates.According to data from Serasa Experian, physical retail sales in the week of Father’s Day 2021 grew by about 6.2%, higher number since 2011.

A survey carried out by Acqio, a Brazilian fintech that develops payment solutions for retail, shows that most consumers buy gifts at the last minute. At the start of the 2021 Father’s Day week, sales increased by 9%, reaching the 16% mark on the Saturday immediately before the date.

The importance of Father’s Day was also highlighted in comparison to Mother’s Day. Fintech saw 16% higher transactions on the second Sunday of August.

The data show that stores must prepare to meet all consumer profiles: from those who anticipate and plan to buy the gift to those who leave to buy on the date. With that in mind, Acqio has separated a series of tips to help merchants sell more on Father’s Day. Check out:

Know your audience

A survey by the Brazilian Society of Retail and Consumption (SBVC) reveals that 66% of people look for promotions in physical retail. In online shopping, 89% say that free shipping is a decisive promotional factor. That is why anticipation is so important, negotiating with suppliers in advance will bring more financial advantages when pricing products without losing profit margins by offering a benefit to the consumer.

Mix of products and services

Acqio’s survey also showed that among the segments that earned the most in the period, the Apparel sector had the highest number of transactions. However, regardless of the segment, it is necessary to prepare and have a good variety to meet the demand. Invest in a smart stock, in a good enough quantity so that you don’t run out or have leftovers and end up with stranded pieces that later need to be sold at cost price.

digital presence

In 2021, Father’s Day broke the e-commerce sales record, earning more than R$6.2 billion, according to SocialMiner data. This shows the power of online sales regardless of the size of each business, having a digital channel to carry out transactions is an excellent sales aggregator, it will certainly generate a financial increase in final revenue. In 2022 Father’s Day will be celebrated on August 14th, being prepared to meet the demands with products or services will have a great impact on the consumer, who will remember who managed to meet their needs.

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