How this entrepreneur made hair extensions gross sales on the subway grow to be a sequence of seven shops

How this entrepreneur made hair extensions gross sales on the subway grow to be a sequence of seven shops

Currently, Gaby Hair, a company founded by Gabriella Carvalho in Rio de Janeiro, earns more than R$ 2 million a year.

Gabriella Carvalho was pregnant and unemployed in 2016. She was a pedagogy student and a daycare teacher when she had a health problem and was fired. To generate extra income, she sold clothes and accessories in Facebook groups. One day, her husband took a friend to sleep at home in the Cidade Alta favela in Rio de Janeiro. “The friend sold human hair to apply and said I could sell it too”, says Carvalho. she invested BRL 200 in 100 grams of yarn and made advertisements in the groups.

That’s how the entrepreneur started to sell locks of human hair, meeting customers at subway stations and bus stops in the city of Rio de Janeiro. “I started selling in August and my daughter was born in December. Even in the maternity ward, my husband was delivering hair to clients in the region, because I announced the region where I was in the group, and the clients wanted to buy it”, says the businesswoman. The following year, she managed to have a physical stand, in a box in the Penha neighborhood. Today, the Gaby Hair brand has seven points, two of which are hair stores and five that also function as salons. The company’s annual turnover is currentlyBRL 2.160 million.

The salon concept emerged little by little, because customers wanted to buy and apply their hair with oak. At first, in 2018, she called her own hairdresser to work on the second floor of another box she opened, in Madureira, just applying the extensions. Afterwards, the businesswoman saw the need to offer a more complete service, with coloring and straightening.

The businesswoman took training courses that also allow her to attend, but her focus is on administration and sales. Personally, the entrepreneur only takes care of the most technically challenging cases, such as women who suffer from androgenetic alopecia, a condition that causes hair loss. The appliqués for these cases are made to cover the top of the head, where the flaws are more visible.

Gaby Hair has 30 employees, which include family and friends. His brother and a good friend are the two managers of the company, for example. The seamstress responsible for the fabrics for the appliqués is the businesswoman’s aunt. “We see the need to have an HR sector soon, because we are growing and expanding, and we want to attract qualified employees in the area, from outside our circle”, she says.

The brand’s five salons are located in Recreio, Copacabana, Vista Alegre, Madureira and Duque de Caxias. In addition, there is a store in the Center and a commercial room in Vista Alegre, where Carvalho teaches courses and assists men seeking hair replacements. “We have a room reserved for male service, this public prefers not to appear”, says Carvalho.

The brand also does wholesale sales. “We also have ‘atacarejo’, which are customers who buy from one kilo to resell”, he jokes. A differential in sales is the service, which has video calls if the customer wants. “Because human hair is an expensive product, this medium has many hits. [Pessoas] They have already impersonated our salespeople to steal money from customers on Instagram.” The businesswoman guides her sellers to accept video calls, which provide security to the buyers.

The online sales of the “empire”, as Carvalho calls his company, work in a center that has five employees dedicated to virtual service. “Everyone in the family lived on rent, and thanks to the company, I was able to buy an apartment for myself and a house for my mother”, says the businesswoman.

Source: PEGN Magazine

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