How is the primary biocosmetics model of the startup that has Claudia Leitte as a companion

How is the primary biocosmetics model of the startup that has Claudia Leitte as a companion

The brand is part of the portfolio of consumer goods startup Vênus, created in 2019 by Tarek Farahat, ex-P&G, and Humberto Junqueira, ex-Âmbar Energia.

The singer Claudia Leitte is launching its first brand since becoming a partner and CCO of the startup Venus, in the final months of 2020.

The consumer goods company was created in 2019 by Tarek Farahat, former president of P&G for Latin America, and Humberto Junqueira, former CEO of Âmbar Energia. It hit the market with the Pam Pam sanitary odor blocker brand.

It carries at its origin the concept that companies need to renew themselves, offering products with less impact on the environment and that best contribute to sustainability.

The new brand is Yon and works in the area of ​​vegan biocosmetics. It is launching five products for daily skin care: micellar water, facial cleansing mousse, facial serum, niacinamide with hyaluronic acid, mask and an exfoliating facial soap.

“The process was long, it took two years between the development of the brand, the product line and tests, until we reached the final version”, says artist and businesswoman Claudia Leitte about her first venture in the cosmetics market.

To put the brand on its feet, the company had professionals from areas such as dermatology, research, laboratory and communication, who were led by Vanessa Hardman, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), and Rubens Rivas, Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Venus. . The products are manufactured by a third-party company.

The brand is supported by three pillars, technology, nature and care. According to the artist, the connection between these elements generates ‘visible results’ for consumers, which she points out as the brand’s differential against competitors.

She says that she was always interested and had a skin care routine, a history that contributed to her choosing to undertake in this industry.

When he met with Tarek, José Cirilo, former CEO of Venus, and Junqueira, “everything was born very naturally and what is most valuable to me: with purpose”.

Leitte, Tarek and Junqueira are the majority partners in Venus and hold more than 75% of the startup. In November 2021, the Jovem Pan Group bought part of the company, in a media for equity negotiation.

“It’s an important means of communication that will help Venus on her journey,” says Tarek.

What is the strategy with Yon

Venus adopts the Digitally Native Vertical Branding (DNVB) model. For this reason, the virtual environment is the channel where most of Yon’s communication and sales efforts will be concentrated.

Despite the “digital” proposal, the items will also be available in the physical stores of the Sephora, with whom it has built an exclusive partnership. It is a way to serve the public that likes a more sensorial and olfactory experience.

As an audience, the brand intends to dialogue both with those between 20 and 40 who seek prevention and practicality and with those who are over 50 and seek technological and natural care for their daily routine. The products are hitting the market with an average price of R$ 109.00.

The company did not disclose the amounts invested in the construction of the new brand nor did it reveal the company’s current results. Regarding Yon’s growth projections, he also estimated an “accelerated 100%” expansion per year.

“We are building a story, there are several stages of product development to complement the daily, weekly and monthly care routine. We are certainly building the next giant in the national beauty market”, says Leitte.

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